Redness + Breast Lift

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Silicone Sheets Causing Increased Redness of Scar? (photo)

I had a breast lift on 11/27. No opening of incisions, only the spitting of a few stitches. Using bio dermis silicone sheeting for my scars. The first... READ MORE

Breast Redness After Revision Vertical Lift for 2 Months, Normal? (photo)

The lower outer side of my breast has an area of redness. No inflamation doc says no infection. However, i have never heard of this. is this common... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Implants Done 1/15/2013 and Have Severe Itching and Redness? (photo)

I have had no breast pain just severe itching and redeness i couldnt see incision site due to tape, so i removed it, had a open spot with a wet... READ MORE

Right Side Breast Lift Developing Sharp Pains in Many Areas of the Breast - What Is This?

Oct 18/10 I had a L limplant put in due to a previous mastectomy. The R side was a breast lift. I have been having sharp pains in the R side the last... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Have Redness Around the Incisions After a Breast Lift and Implants?

What should I do? I had my first post open appointment this past Thursday and everything looked good buy this morning I noticed redness around my... READ MORE

Redness 8 weeks after breast lift? (Photo)

Is it normal to have redness on lower part of your breast sfter 8 weeks? I Even took some augumentin for sinus infection and redness didn't go away,... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post Op Mastopexy/Small Implants, Issues With the Incision?

I am 4 weeks post op and all is well:) I did postpone my surgery and have stayed a non smoker for the recommended time and haven't started again!... READ MORE

Red Patch and Itchy on Breast? (photo)

Hi. I had a breast lift 2 weeks ago and all went well. The last 4 days I've notice a red patch at the breast below my nipple more on the side of my... READ MORE

4 weeks after breast lift, small pinhead hole and some leakage & redness. Should I be concerned? (Photo)

Hi Docs, I had my Breast life 4 weeks ago and healing fine until i notice some redness and orange &yellowish color under what looked like a small... READ MORE

My Lollipop Cut Has Turned Black Red and Has Black Pieces?

I had my breast reconstruction 2 months ago and had a breast lift on one of my breasts ( i had tuberous breast deformity). everything went great,... READ MORE

Redness to inner breast? (photo)

I have woken to redness it slight itching down the onside of my right breast. Any ideas. I sm 3.5wks post op. READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Breast Lift with Augmentation?

During surgery my ps found that I still had "a little" milk in my right breast(3 months post bfing), so put a drain on that side only. Now 3 weeks... READ MORE

Bruising and redness 6 weeks post breast lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a breast lift and reduction about 6 weeks ago and have been healing really well, the last few days though one part of my right areola scar has... READ MORE

Breasts have redness, pain and swelling: Is this an infection and dangerous?

Redness and swelling on left breast, and pain and some redness on left breast. I"m 67. Does it take longer to heal usually, with age? How is it treated? READ MORE

Redness around scar after anchor BL (Photo)

I'm a bit worried about the redness around my scar. I am not supposed to see my Dr. until Thursday to remove rest of stirches, and just want to make... READ MORE

Breast lift redness? (Photo)

Hi I am a very pale women and don't tan well I had a Breast lift 4 weeks and 5 days ago do you think this redness is ok my scars seems to be drying up... READ MORE

Redness under breast 3 weeks after breast lift (Photo)

I got a breast lift 3 weeks ago. The redness under my breast started about 1 1/2 weeks ago and today is very itchy. There is no oozing or odor. I saw... READ MORE

Tape vs gel? (Photos)

I'm using a silicone gel massaged into incisions twice daily. My doc didn't recommend strips or tape but it seems like that's what everyone else does.... READ MORE

Redness and small white pimples on my Areola, what can that be? (photo)

Hello i got a breast augmentation and lollipop lift for 6 month and 3 month ago, that is to operacion. I got some reddness and small white pimples on... READ MORE

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