Puckering + Breast Lift

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Puckering around areola, uneven skin, thick scarring and odd shape normal after a full anchor Breast Lift? (photo)

It's been 4 weeks since i had a full anchor breast lift and the top half of my breasts seem to be a lot fuller than the bottom, its not 'dropped' at... READ MORE

Dent in Areola After Small Lift Will It Correct Its Self? (photo)

Is it normal for areola to fold over and have a dent in areola after implant with small lift, im three weeks post op, the area that is dented and... READ MORE

What are my options for scar revision from Bellini lift? (photos)

I had a lift and 460cc implant done in Oct of 2013. My areola scars are humiliating, I have purse string suture and they are painful in some areas... READ MORE

Stretch Marks After Areola Reduction, Will They Go Away?

Please help i have white stretch marks starting at my areola and expanding outward. They appeared 2 days post op. I didn't experience much swelling.... READ MORE

Quill Sutures Used for Breast Lift. Sutures Not Dissolving Causing Way to Much Puckering Lower Pole?

I'm 12 weeks post up breast lift and my sutures still too tight pulling breast upward when I lift my arm.. Causing lots of puckering and wrinkeling... READ MORE

Hard, Cord-like Scar Causing Concave or Puckered Appearance 2 Months Post Mastopexy in One Breast?

I had bilateral mastopexty 2 months ago. I am healing well until about 2 weeks ago when I developed a slightly concave appearance to the lengthwise... READ MORE

Will the puckering around my aereola go away? (photos)

Had a breast lift 6 weeks ago. I have alot of puckering around my nipple and am wondering if it will go away? I know it's still very early. I also am... READ MORE

Will These Stitches Stretch and Breast Regain Shape?

I had a bl 8 weeks ago and developed hematoma in right breast. Hematoma has resolved apart from some hardness internally but the vertical incisions... READ MORE

Puckering is causing me huge distress after breast lift 3 weeks ago (Photo)

Ive had a breast uplift 3 weeks ago and im really upset about the puckering and folds around the nipple area. There is still bruising too. I didnt... READ MORE

Mastopexy Incision: Puckering, or Keloid? (photos)

These are taken one week post-op for a bilateral mastopexy. I am in my 20s, healthy, and a non-smoker. Are these raised bumps normal at my healing... READ MORE

Puckering and hyperpigmentation around Areolas. (photos)

I am 11 weeks post Periareola lift and have just been to see my PS who recommended massage . I have some puckering around the Areolas and also scar... READ MORE

Can a benelli lift be converted to a lollipop lift if the nipples are already high enough?

I had a benelli lift which was a disaster. I was left with horrible scarring, puckering skin, and misshapen areolas. I also dislike that I can feel... READ MORE

How long does it take for the tissue to smooth out after having a donut mastopexy?

It has been five months since i had my donut mastopexy, however i still have puckering around the edges. it that normal? READ MORE

Excess skin and puckering after a breast lift, do I need a revision? (Photos)

A month ago I had my previous breast reduction/ lift revised (anchor scar). This time I was given a smaller implant and another lift (lollipop scar)... READ MORE

Will the puckering around the nipple and along incision eventually go? (Photo)

I'm 2 weeks post op so I know it's really early to tell but I'm worried about the amount of puckering and creases along the incision scar, will this... READ MORE

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