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Is a Circumareolar Breast Lift Needed for Perky, Natural Looking Breasts?

Hello, I'm 25 years old, 5'4", 120 pounds, never had kids. I'm wearing 36A cup bra and want small C cup breast silicone implants... READ MORE

Peri-areolar breast lift with augmentation- Not Happy

I had a peri-areolar breast lift with augmentation (silicone, 250cc, submuscular placement) 6 weeks ago. As you can see from the pic, the results do... READ MORE

Uneven Areolas After Breast Lift? (photo)

Hi I just had a breast lift (periareola and lollipop) a month ago. I feel like my areolas are a bit uneven, one being more round, & the other more... READ MORE

How to Tell if a Periareolar Breast Lift Was Done if Results Are Lacking?

I had a periareolar lift plus breast augmentation done. I want to know what signs should there be to prove that a lift was actually done? Should the... READ MORE

What Type of Breast Lift is Best for Me (photo)?

Hi. please take a look at my photo and tell me what type of breast lift would be best for me: peri-areolar, lollipop or anchor lift. thank you! READ MORE

Hematoma Questions

I had a hematoma 11 days post op after revision a peri-areolar breast lift (had implants put in 6 months ago). The doc immediately aspirated and then... READ MORE

Will a Periareolar Lift and Implants Be a Good Decision or Should I Not Even Go Through with a Breast Lift? (photo)

I am 22 years old and I was planning on getting a breast lift and implants using the Benelli Lift ( peri-areolar). I am looking for a way with the... READ MORE

Will my breasts eventually take on a round shape, or is this weird shape I have now a result of Donut Lift? (photos)

A year ago, I had a B.A.. I was a DD(G when I was nursing). When I weaned, deflated C. I hoped to restore fullness/size, desiring upper pole fullness.... READ MORE

Periareola Lift or Full Lift? (photo)

Would you recommend a periareola lift or full vertical lift? What implant would you recommend? High profile-mid profile / round-anatomical / how many... READ MORE

Periareolar Lift- Permanent Suture Undone?

I am positive my left permanent purse string suture is Not connected. A couple months after surgery I saw a stitch and thought it was one that was... READ MORE

Periareolar-only Lift for Medium/large Breasts?

I consulted a board certified plastic surgeon and apparently I can have surgery that goes around the nipple area only combined with small implants for... READ MORE

What's happening to my nipples? What should i do? Is it dying/dead? How can I stop the bleeding? (Photo)

Top surgery (peri-areolar) last May 28, 2015 30th of May my drains on the left side were clogged cause of clotted blood couldn't enter the bulb.June... READ MORE

Pain - Donut/Peri-areloar Lift Post-op (No Implants)

I would like to hide my surgery from the people I live with, and was wondering what the pain and discomfort is like directly after surgery, (surgery... READ MORE

What Breast Lift options would you recommend? (photos)

I would like to get a breast lift . I am a mother of 2 I've seen several breast lifts but like anyone else I would like to avoid a vertical scar .... READ MORE

I'm 31 yrs old female. Would a periareola lift help to raise my areolas slightly? (photos)

Would a periareola lift help to raise my areolas slightly or some other type of lift? I'm in saline implants sub muscular. READ MORE

How scared should I be of a breast lift revision? Please advise safe ways to proceed

I had periaerolar lift w/ implants. My left breast is painful, nipple herniated, permanent suture is palpable. Rt side nipple is larger and sags down.... READ MORE

Periareolar, vertical or anchor breast lift? No implants (Photo)

I was told that I would get good results with just a periareolar lift, is this true ? Or would a vertical lift be best ? Would auto augmentation make... READ MORE

All I want is a donut/benelli/periareolar lift. I do not want implants! Will this work for me? (photos)

I do not care about super perky breasts. All I want is an improvement with minimal scarring and no general anesthesia. I am completely aware the... READ MORE

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