Internal Bra + Breast Lift

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Breast Revision with Internal Bra and Lollipop Lift, I Want to Go Down a Cup Size, Would It Look Strange to Go Smaller? (Photos)

I have 300cc saline filled to 350L/375r, Moderate, 34D/DD. 5'6, 128lbs I want to down size to a Mid to Full C! I feel very top heavy. I'm... READ MORE

Guidelines for markings before mastopexy

Note: I am not a fluent english speaker, pls excuse my mistakes. Hello, I am a mother of 2, 32 years old, I had breastfed for 4 years, and after... READ MORE

Mesh (Breform) Reinforced Mastopexy - Breform Mesh is Approved for Use in the CE Countries? (photo)

Breform polyester Internal Bra System is approved in CE countries. Articles on the breform web site show related professional papers (Plastic and... READ MORE

Which technique for a breast lift would be best in my case? (Photo)

Hello, I have a 30-F breast, I am 29. I've had my breast formed at around 15, sagged and haven't change from then. I would like to know what would be... READ MORE

I had a Breast lift and internal bra, is this swelling? Do I have an infection? (photos)

Hi I asked yesterday but was so tired I missed off abunch of questions. im there on Tuesday so hopefully my mind will be put at ease then but in the... READ MORE

Why aren't more doctors performing the sub-areolar breast lift (scarless breast lift)? (photos)

On Dr. Hilton Beckers website it reads that he practices this procedure with an internal mesh bra. Is there more i should know about this? His... READ MORE

Breast lift options? Internal bra? Don't want scarring! (Photo)

I'm a 23 yr old w/ no kids & naturally saggy breasts. I had a consult with a good PS who said anchor lift was my only option. The 3D imaging results... READ MORE

Could I get a result like this? Without implants? (Photo)

These photos are not mine, but they are identical to the condition of my breasts - severe ptosis. Is it possible to get a lift without implants like... READ MORE

How do surgeons feel about Dr. Becker's scarless inner mesh bra breast lift technique?

Will there be a successful scarless breast lift technique invented in my life time? READ MORE

"Internal Bra" using ADM possible without putting in implants?

I am 56 with large breasts that are drooping significantly. I do not have implants. I would like to achieve 1) a lift, 2) a reduction, 3) maintain... READ MORE

Is there any new technology here in NA for internal bras? (Photo)

I am 45 years old with slight sagging. I am looking for a lift but don't want to add volume. If I actually lift my skin up I like the look (2 Inch... READ MORE

Why do more plastic surgeons not offer implant free internal bra breast lifts like Dr. Becker in Florida?

Dr. Becker is known for scarless breast lift. His scars are around the areola but his breast lifts are use with internal bra. READ MORE

Would a lift, while keeping my 3 yo silicone implants be sufficient? (photos)

I obviously need a lift. My implants are under the muscle 460cc silicone. Do most Dr's (I live in Southern Illinois) utilize the mesh "internal bra"?... READ MORE

Will a full mastopexy with a Seri internal bra give me a rounder, fuller shape than a mastopexy without Seri?

My 125 cc implants were placed high to give me fullness at the top of my breasts, but they need removed and at age 60, I don't want them replaced.... READ MORE

Who does the internal bra here in Australia?

I have implants which I am happy with but I had congenital synmastia and would love one day to have a gap of some sort! READ MORE

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