Bruising + Breast Lift

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Bruising on One Breast 5 Days Post Op?

This is my 5th day post op from a pretty major BL and I'm noticing a big bruise on the bottom of my left breast and a lot of bruising around my... READ MORE

Is Bruising Normal After Breast Lift and Augumentation?

Im 6 days postop for breast augmentation and lift and on the 4th day i started bruising by my rib area is this normal? READ MORE

Swollen Breasts

Hi, I have had a breast uplift ten days ago and I am still very swollen and bruised, is this normal and when should it go away? Thanks. READ MORE

Mastopexy & Explant. Bruising is INCREASING Not DECREASING -- 12 Days Post Op? (photo)

I had an explant and lift 12 days ago. Post surgery there was virtually no bruising. By week one there was very light bruising, almost the yellowish... READ MORE

Day 3 post op breast lift. Lots of bruising on areolas/nipples. Is this ok? (Photo)

Hi, i am post op day 3 from a breast lift without implants. i noticed today that my areola region and nipples are bruising a dark red color. I know... READ MORE

Are hematoma normal after breast lift? (photos)

I am two weeks post op from a mastopexy only. No augmentation. Four days ago I noticed bruising around vertical incision that began bleeding dark... READ MORE

Did I Tear my Sutures or Tissue?

I'm four weeks post mastopexy. Last night, I felt a sharp pull in my right upper chest while doing sit ups. Tonight, I noticed that my chest is... READ MORE

1 months post op Breast Lift without Implants, I have swelling concerns. Any suggestions? (photos)

It's been a month after my breast lift no implants and I know I've posted something similar about this but I'm worried because the top of my right... READ MORE

Had Mastopexy surgery 6 days ago?

One nipple has been purple since day of surgery and the other is fine. I have been a smoker for a long time but cut back significantly before surgery.... READ MORE

Are my nipples healing correctly?

The area around the areola is dark, scabbing black, and purple. There is a LOT of bruising, not just the yellow bruising all over my breasts, but a... READ MORE

Soreness Under Breast After Mastopexy & Lift?

I had a mastopexy with implants on April 2. Three days ago I noticed what felt like a bruise under my right breast but there was no bruise just sore... READ MORE

7 wks po - can I expect more improvement with texture of my Areolas? Also, which is better silicone scar tape or gel?

I am 7 weeks post op with a breast lift. I had some bruising and my Areolas look harsh. I've been using Biocorneum for the last few weeks, but have... READ MORE

I had a Breast Lift 9 days ago, I have some oozing under my right breast, when will it and the bruising go away?

Everything seems fine with the healing. I took all the antibiotics the way i was told toI had a pressure bandage placed on my chest but i was told i... READ MORE

I Noticed Bruising on the T Section and Vertical Incision Day 12 Post Mastopexy and Augmentation, What Do I Do?

There is no significantl swelling to the whole breast compared to the other side, only a very red bruise that is a little tender. I am a sonographer... READ MORE

Will nipple asymmetry even out with time?

I had surgery on July 31st, 2015. My left breast was lifted, while my right breast underwent reduction as well as a lift. I am happy with the results,... READ MORE

Bruising and redness 6 weeks post breast lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a breast lift and reduction about 6 weeks ago and have been healing really well, the last few days though one part of my right areola scar has... READ MORE

2 weeks post op! Left breast more swollen and larger, slight bruised, Will it stay this way? (photos)

It has been two weeks since I had a breast lift, no implants. From day one my left side was more swollen and hurt a lot more. My left side is still... READ MORE

Do these breasts look like they are normal or should I be worried? Especially about the left? (Photos)

Am 5 weeks mastopexy W/O implants. The left nipple looks different. I still feel pain in this breast still. Sometimes like a pulling or as if... READ MORE

Is this much bruising normal after breast reduction and uplift? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction and uplift 5 days ago and my right breast is very bruised compared to my left. Is this level of bruising normal? READ MORE

10 days post op Breast lift, is it normal one breast looks bigger than the other? (photos)

Had a breast uplift/implant removal 10 days ago. My left breast appears to be bigger than my right one. Could this still be swelling? I don't really... READ MORE

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