Is Bruising Normal After Breast Lift and Augumentation?

im 6 days postop for breast augmentation and lift and on the 4th day i started bruising by my rib area is this normal?

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Bruising is normal after breast augmentation/lift

It's not uncommon to experience some degree of bruising from any surgical procedure, just as breast augmentation and lift surgery. As long as you are not experiencing excessive amount of swelling and rapidly expanding bruising, then you should be fine. It's always a good idea to check back with your surgeon to make sure that the amount of swelling and bruising are within normal range and not excessive.

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Is Bruising Normal After Breast Lift and Augmentation?

Bruising is common, especially with a lift. However, whether the amount might indicate a bleeding problem can only be determined by your surgeon.

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Bruising after breast lift surgery. Recommendations for a BruisePak

Bruising is normal after breast enhancement surgery. I provide my patients with a Bruise-Pak to take after their procedures. Surgery90210

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Bruising can occur after breast augmentation and breast lift

Though bruising shouldn't necessarily be expected following a breast augmentation with a lift, it is not uncommon. It can reflect the dissection and "trauma" from surgery and other factors. However, it can also indicate on somewhat rare occasions the formation of a hematoma, the undesirable accumulation of blood within the pocket around the implant (which also has some untoward implications). Though there are signs which can help in this differentiation, it is best that you discuss this with your plastic surgeon who may or may not want to see you based on your situation.

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Having bruising is very normal after varies in each patient. It can last Up To 2 to 4 weeks.

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Bruising after Breast Lift


Dear oly1234,


Some bruising and swelling can be common after a breast lift with implants. I would be sure to visit your plastic surgeon to determine if your bruising is normal after surgery.


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Bruising after Breast Augmentation/Lifting?

Some degree of bruising/swelling is normal after breast augmentation/lifting surgery. Whether or not the bruising you are experiencing is “normal” will be best determined by your plastic surgeon on follow-up. It is also normal for the swelling/bruising to move downwards (south)  or posteriorly ( towards the back) as time goes by.

Again, best to follow-up with your plastic surgeon for examination and probable reassurance.  

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