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Will Sleeping Upright Help my Breasts Drop?

I have read alot about sleeping upright, but am not convinced of its merits. I am 2 weeks post-op with 325cc silicone anatomical dual-planes. Its hard... READ MORE

Sleep Bra for Support After Breast Implants and Lift?

After having Breast implants and breast lift, would you recommend using a sleep bra for extra support? Is so, do you recommend a particular one? READ MORE

Can You Sleep on Your Stomach with Breast Implants?

Is there any side effects from sleeping on your stomach with implants? READ MORE

What's the Best Sleeping Position for Someone with Breast Implants?

Is it normal for breast implants to fall to the side when I lie on my back? For example when I get up in the morning they seem to be further apart.... READ MORE

Okay to Stop Sleeping Elevated After Breast Implants?

It has been 8 days since my breast implant surgery. Is it okay to stop sleeping elevated now? READ MORE

Sleeping on Stomach or Side After Breast Implants (Long-Term)

What are the odds a person will find it uncomfortable to sleep on her side or stomach following breast augmentation (assuming it was never... READ MORE

Breast Implants Leak Due to Sleeping Position

I am a stomach sleeper. My breast seem to be getting smaller over time by their look and bra size. Also over time, the rippling is becoming more... READ MORE

Why Do my Saline Implants Still Feel Hard When I Lay Down?

Why do my saline impalnts still feel rock hard when i lay down and its been ten months since i have had them done READ MORE

Would sleeping on my side cause symmastia? (photo)

Would sleeping on my side or squeezing my breasts together cause symmastia? I am 4 weeks out from my augmentation surgery and I have 550cc silicone... READ MORE

3 Months Post-op Saline Implants - Can I Sleep on My Stomach?

I Am 3 Mths Postop with Saline Implants. Is It Safe to Sleep on my Stomach? READ MORE

Can Silicone Implants Rupture Sleeping on Stomach? I Have to Sleep Angled?

Prior to cancer surgery, sleept on stomach using a pillow under left front side of me and angled on my right front side. Right arm down by my leg.... READ MORE

Painful and Swollen Breasts During Sleep After Breast Implants?

Hi im 2 weeks post up breast implants and i find it still hard to sleep, every time im leaning back or even trying to sleep with raised pillows my... READ MORE

Sleeping after breast implants. How long will I have to sleep on my back? (Photo)

I am 4 days post op, 290 cc under muscle crease incision&feel great, took few pain meds first 24 hrs but now end up taking 1 before bed and 1 middle... READ MORE

Sleep on Stomach?

I am a 32AA cup size, 5'1 & 95lbs. I am getting 200cc Silicone implants, submuscular moderate plus profile. I know I won't be able to sleep on my... READ MORE

Pain in left breast when sleeping on right side, normal? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation 7 weeks ago tomorrow, with implants under the muscle, fully healed incisions. When I sleep on my RIGHT side, I wake up... READ MORE

9 Months Post Implants: Is it Normal to Now Have Pain When Sleeping on my Belly/Breasts?

Its been 9 months now that im had my 520cc saline implants via armpit. I feel if i sleep on my back the implants slide toward my arms. If i sleep on... READ MORE

Aching when sleeping is this capsular contraction?

I'm almost 11 weeks and at 4 weeks suffered a potential hematoma. Now my left breast aches when sleeping it is soft but slightly firmer that right and... READ MORE

Sleeping medication after surgery. Can you still sleep on your stomach after you have healed?

Hi, I have existing sleeping issues, and can only sleep on my stomach... which has never been a problem due to being so flat chested... ! But, can you... READ MORE

Hello! I'm 3 weeks and four days post op and want to know if it's o.k for me to sleep on my side? Can the shift by doing so?

Hello! I'm 4 weeks post op on Tuesday and had a BA with 335cc Natrelle 410 highly Cohesive Anatomically Shaped Silicone Filled Implants.I was normally... READ MORE

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