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Will my Implants Shrink?

I had transumbical procedure today. I really thought from what we discussed i would be bigger. i already was a c, now i feel like a slightly bigger c.... READ MORE

Saline Implant Deflation? (photo)

I am concerned with my right breast. It seems to have gotten smaller over the last 2 years...especially this last year. I have had my saline implants... READ MORE

10 Year Old Implants: Too Far Apart and Rippling - Can They be Fixed?

I have 10 yr old saline, under muscle implants. I've nursed three children. If I get them redone, can they make them closer together? They are so... READ MORE

Can You Break Your Silicone Implant While Massaging It Too Forcefully? (photo)

I was given instructions to massage and I really spent much effort on one boob that wasn't moving freely and looking odd/small. Now when i feel that... READ MORE

9 weeks post op, is this the final result? Seems like they've shrunk. I'm even more unhappy with them. Planning revision (Photo)

I had 500cc silicone mod+ implants unders 9 weeks (almost 10) , wanting a revision to HP or UHP 750cc because my results were incredibly small and I'm... READ MORE

Do Memory Gel Implants Shrink?

I was wondering if Memory Gel Implants will shrink over time? I've heard that Saline implants does shrink as time goes on. I am not talking about... READ MORE

Are my Silicon Implants Leaking?

I'm four weeks post op and my c cup breasts that I came out of surgery with are now a small B cup. It looks like they are shrinking in size every... READ MORE

9 Years Post-BA, One Breast Has Shrunk. What Is Going On?

I had implants about 9 years ago. I have now noticed one breast has become slightly smaller, is there a leak or something to worry about. I have no... READ MORE

I Think I Have a Leak As Well As Bottoming Out!? (photo)

I am 1 yr 9 months PO and my left breast seems to be shrinking! I know that I have bottomed out but my left keeps getting smaller but very slowly.... READ MORE

How much will the breast shrink after getting implants?

I am due to have my BA on March 19 and I am still unsure about size. I am a petite woman, 5'0, about 105lbs. I am a small A looking to go to a small C... READ MORE

3 months post op - one breast is smaller. Does this look normal or should I be concerned? (Photo)

Hi there, I'm currently 3 months post op with 345cc silicone under the muscle and this morning I woke up to find my right breast implant has shrank in... READ MORE

Boob Size Shrunk and Implants Rippled After Pregnancy?

Before I had my breasts enlarged I told the surgeon I was trying to get pregnant & asked if I should wait & he said no. I went from an A to a... READ MORE

2 Months Post BA. Why Are They Getting Smaller?

Its been 2 months since my BA. I was cup A before PS due to breast-feeding 2 kids for 12 months each. Before having kids I was cup B. My PS... READ MORE

Can I Go As Big As I Did While I Was Nursing? (photo)

While nursing, I was a large D. I loved the way they made me feel. Now that I am no longer breast feeding (stoped a year ago) my breasts have shrunk... READ MORE

Will 385cc get me to a D cup? (Photos)

I was a 34b I am 26 5"4 weigh 125 pounds and never had kids. I got a BA 3 weeks ago they shrunk a little because the swelling subsided but I recieved... READ MORE

How to Lose Extra Breast Fat when You Have Breast Implants?

Im 28, I have 550cc saline mentor implants, under the muscle. I want to lose some of my natural breast fat. TRUST ME IM ADDICTED TO CARDIO, and ALSO... READ MORE

It has been about 1 1/2 years since my augmentation and I'm beginning to feel like I'm shrinking. Is this possible?

I got 350cc under the muscle and for a while it appeared that I was a full C and was pleased, but now it seems as though I have gotten smaller,... READ MORE

Will my breasts shrink after swelling goes down?

I just had my BA 4 days ago. I LOVE my size and that worries me because I am afraid I may have went too small. I was around a 32B and I got saline... READ MORE

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