Would squeezing breast implants during foreplay and sex cause them to shrink?

My boyfriend loves my silicone breast implants and loves squeezing them during sex and foreplay but I'm worried squeezing them will cause them to shrink? Is this possible? Please help

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Breast implants

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very good question. Not to worry, none of those activities will have anything to do with your implant size. that remains constant. sometimes weight loss and weight gain will change the size of your breast, but not the implant. massage of the implants are a good thing. 

Implant squeeze will not reduce their size

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Thank you for the question. Squeezing and massaging of breast implants will not reduce the size of the implant. The size of the implant will remain constant. If the implant ruptures (not typical with squeezing and massage) then it may appear that the implant has changed shape. Enjoy your implants!

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