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6 Years Post Breast Implants: Do I Have a Leak?

I have had my implants for 6 years and have gone thru a pregnancy with them. My son is now 2 and about 4 months ago he kicked me really hard in my... READ MORE

Breast Became Hard Overnight and Implant Has Shifted After 11 Years? (photo)

I awoke this morning to my breast being sensitive. I leaned up against something and noticed that it was hard as a rock. When I felt my breast, I... READ MORE

My Breast Look Different After 3 Months Post Op, is this Normal? (photo)

I have 3 months post op of my breast augmentation. I have 340cc implants, silicone, under the muscle. The left i think is perfect but the right one i... READ MORE

Did my Right Breast Implant Shift?

I am 3 wks po and my left breast dropped and fluffed at 2 wks po it looks and feels great My right hasnt and is high w/ and oval shape, i actually... READ MORE

Breast implants flipping over?

What are the cause of the implant flipping, can it be cause due to any accident or pressure on the chest READ MORE

Implants Shifted in Time Too Far Apart, How Can I Get Them Closer?

I've had implants 3 yrs and at first they were perfect but they shifted towards armpits. Is there a way to get them to shift again back together? READ MORE

Mammograms and Implants?

I had a mammogram 2 weeks ago with a new tech. During the procedure I did not like what she was doing-it just felt odd and not what I have been used... READ MORE

Why did my implant shift up? (Photo)

I got silicone implants 11 mo. ago, In Nov I layed on the floor so my sis can crackmy back &when she pushed we heard a loud pop (not the back)the pop... READ MORE

Is it possible for silicone implants to rotate /shift.

I have had my implants for 2 years now and woke up the other day and my right implant look different and it actually felt like it was not positioned... READ MORE

Could Silicone Breast Implants Have Moved After 36 Years?

I feel large lumps on the side of my breast and I am wondering if my implant moved. I had a mammogram 2 weeks ago. Could that have done it? READ MORE

How to Get my Implants to Move?

I have had implants for 14 years. My implants have moved from underneath my breast to the top of my breast now. I have tried to move them back to... READ MORE

What is going on with my right implant? It's not round and looks shifted (Photo)

I'm 2 months post op. I had dual plane 450cc implants with a mini lift. My breasts were slightly assymetrical before, but not enough to warrant... READ MORE

What have I done to my breast implant? Has it shifted, and will it reverse itself? (photos)

I had my BA 8 months ago and have slowly increased my exercise since. I have 275cc round implants beneath the muscle. I do very light weights on a... READ MORE

I Am 9 Months Post Op. Is It Normal That my Right Breast Seems to Have Moved Back Up in the Pocket?

My breasts seemed to drop normal and were even since my surgery. However now it seems that my right breast has moved back up, almost looking like it... READ MORE

Can Saline Implant Valve Shift and Does Rippling Get Worse over Time?

34yo-450cc, round, smooth, saline, under muscle implants from '04. After having a baby, there's severe rippling. I am thin with little breast tissue... READ MORE

1 year post BA implant has shifted/ruptured overnight? Sex with boyfriend night before? (Photo)

I am 1 year post-op and I noticed that overnight my breast implant (left picture) seems shifted outward or ruptured. Could sex do this? Thanks. READ MORE

Breast Implant Moved to the Left?

I had gel implants from B to D 18 months ago. The left implant fairly quickly moved to the left, towards the armpit, and is painful at times. It seems... READ MORE

Silicone Implant Shift Up Higher 4 Years Post-op?

The other day I noticed pain/sensitivity in my left breast. It has been 4 years since my surgery. I noticed the implant shifted aprx. two inches... READ MORE

Can a Saline Breast Implant Shift or Become Disattached Without a Visible Disfiguration?

I have had an uncomfortable/painful sensation in my right breast for close to a month. I have had a breast reduction (2004) and a breast lift with a... READ MORE

425cc high profile implants through transaxillary method. Will I get lateral implant displacement over time?

I am getting 425cc high profile implants through transaxillary method... over time will my implants begin to shift laterally? i really dont want my... READ MORE

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