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During Sex Will my Partner Be Able to Tell I Had Implants?

I hav 250cc silicone low profiles under muscle and had a small c to start with. I really would not like to tell anyone i had implants. Wen a guy and I... READ MORE

Can my Breast Implant Break During Sex

I had my breast implants almost 3 weeks ago and already had sex I'm nervous that maybe one of them popped I have saline the left one seems more... READ MORE

I Have Submusculer Implant 4 Months Ago During Sex I Do Alot of Movment Without Bra is That Save?

I Have Submusculer Implant 4 Months Ago During Sex I Do Alot of Movment Without Bra is That Save? READ MORE

Breast Implants + Having Sex Without a Bra Will Cause Sagging?

I am 5 mnths post-op and had 375cc´s put in under the muscle. I followed all the instructions, and am very happy with my result. Me and my boyfriend ... READ MORE

Could Double Bubble Appear As Resulf from Strong Preasure on Breast During Sex? (photo)

I had my implants for 7 month, 255 mentor anatomical,dual plane.I had light assymetry before,it stayed after the surgery but I was very happy with the... READ MORE

Can I Shift my Girlfriends Breasts by Having Sex with Her?

My girlfriend feels that when we have intercourse i am shifting her boobs out and now feels that they are slowly leaking. Is it possible that me... READ MORE

Can foreplay cause the implant to move or rupture?

I'm about a year and a half post op from my BA surgery. I've noticed some rippling as I am leaner than before. Understood. My question though is... READ MORE

Torn scar tissue symptoms in right breast, will it heal on its own?

I am 3 months post breast augmentation with 400cc round hp silicone under muscle implants.. I was intimate with my partner a week ago and he was very... READ MORE

Can biting during sex cause a silicone implant to bust?

It left a bruise and I could see two little bite marks. should i worry that my silicone implant will burst. READ MORE

When Can I Be Sexually Active?

A lot of reviews say one week up to 5 weeks. Does it depend? I don't want to rush into anything everyone's body is different and everyone gives... READ MORE

1 year post BA implant has shifted/ruptured overnight? Sex with boyfriend night before? (Photo)

I am 1 year post-op and I noticed that overnight my breast implant (left picture) seems shifted outward or ruptured. Could sex do this? Thanks. READ MORE

Sex 4 days post breast augmentation. Am I in danger or at risk of hematoma?

I had a subglandular breast augmentation on Tuesday 2/9. There was also some scar tissue release done. This morning I had sex with my boyfriend. It... READ MORE

Can BDSM hurt breast implants? I have high profile gel silicone breast implants

So if someone squeezes them really hard til the bruise, hits them till they bruise? Tie them up? I am considered that impact play can affect them. READ MORE

Submuscular implants: Should I be worried about animation deformity with my lifestyle?

I watched a video of a girl with unders demonstrating AD, and it was pretty jarring. But I don't know how much effort she was putting into contracting... READ MORE

Why is It Important No to Have Sex?

Why is sex for up to four weeks a no no I can understand not wanting someone on to of them but I don't understand it also how long is it gonna be... READ MORE

Breast implants, would touching or sexual foreplay cause any damage?

I don't want to say nothing inappropriate, but after breast implant surgery, if I touched or massaged by breasts after the surgery or let's say weeks... READ MORE

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