Pulled Muscle + Breast Implants

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Pulled the Muscle Under my Implant - What Can I Do?

I am 17 days post-op with 375cc silicone implants under the muscle. My boyfriend hugged me too hard in the first two weeks and I felt a sharp pain... READ MORE

I Have Had my Implants for Four Years and for the Past Two Days my Right Breast Hurts

I have had my implants for four years and they have been awsome but for the past two days my right breast is painful it is a little swallon it feels... READ MORE

Felt A Sharp Pain in Right Breast, Could It Be Pulled Muscle Or Something Worse?

I am 29 years old. I had breast augmentation 9 years ago. They are saline and above the muscle. I had tubular breast. I have been playing Roller Derby... READ MORE

What happens if you pull a muscle in your chest with Breast Implants and how long is recovery?

I have silicon implants under the muscle and have had them since 2008. When I was working out five days ago I had a pain in my left side by my arm pit... READ MORE

Sharp pain after breast augmentation. Have I pulled a muscle?

Hello, I had a breast augmentation 1 week and 5 days ago. I had the dual plan technique done. On about day 8 when moving around I put my arm into a... READ MORE

Is It a Pulled Muscle?

Had a boob job&2wks after the procedure someone viciously grabbed my left boob.Before this incident both Healed perfect.Now my right boob is... READ MORE

Can a cough cause harm to implants or the muscle holding the implant?

I've had a horrible cough for a couple weeks and now my chest is extremely sore under the breast and on the side by the arm pit. It is so painful that... READ MORE

Can a strained or pulled muscle mimic capsular contracture?

I've had my implants for 3 1/2 months under muscle. I just started going back to the gym and after the last time, I'm pretty sure I over did it. I... READ MORE

I think I might have pulled a muscle, have I ruined my surgery?

I got implants a little over two weeks ago and I was blow drying my hair and I think I might have pulled a muscle in my right breast. It is more soar... READ MORE

Swollen left implant. Did I pull or strain my muscle? Should I worry about capsular contracture?

It's 18 day post-op breast augmentation under muscle & my left breast has had pain from last night and its been completely tough and swollen overnight... READ MORE

Right breast pain, 1.5 years after surgery. Sub muscular.

In only my right breast I have have continueious tender pain since my surgery. 1 month ago I went back to my surgeon and was told it was most likely a... READ MORE

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