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How Long Does a Popped Implant Take to Deflate?

One of my saline implants has deflated and It will be a few months before I can afford a revision and am very uncomfortable with the difference in... READ MORE

Loud Pop in Breast Implant

I have silicone breast implants 400cc and I am ten months post surgery. My boyfriend was leaning over me, over my breast when we both heard a loud pop... READ MORE

Popping Feeling in my Breast Implant?

My saline implants are 11 years old, I went under the muscle under the breast. In the past year or so I have had a "torn muscle" feeling in my left... READ MORE

Hernia After Breast Implants?

I got breast implants 3 weeks ago, and I swear I have a hernia in the left one where the muscle attaches to the breast bone. My PS says to let it heal... READ MORE

7 Year Saline Breast Implant; Muscle Pulling Sensation Recently. What Do You Think?

Recently, I have been experiencing a tight "muscle pulling sensation" over my left breast then it feels like a "popping sensation"... READ MORE

Breast Implant Under the Muscle is Hurting and I Feel a Pop?

I have had gel implants under the muscle for almost 2 years. 4 months ago I felt a pop when bending over and now I feel a lot of discomfort and can... READ MORE

Why did my implant shift up? (Photo)

I got silicone implants 11 mo. ago, In Nov I layed on the floor so my sis can crackmy back &when she pushed we heard a loud pop (not the back)the pop... READ MORE

What Should I Replace my Saline Implants with to Reduce Sag Factor?

My saline implants are saggy? They look a little tooo natural? What options do I have? First one popped, but before that they were saggy. I don't know... READ MORE

Did I rupture the scar tissue that was holding up my new right breast implant? (photo)

I had surgery 2 months ago, cleared for exercise and healing nicely. I hurt myself in yoga, hot popping type rip sensation. Also fell that week... READ MORE

I am 4 weeks post op and extremely worried about my results. I've started bottoming out already. Looking for input. (Photo)

I received 475 ccs, saline HP implants. My doctor does not seem to think there is anything wrong, but I'm extremely unhappy and have voiced this to... READ MORE

One Popped Saline Implant, Will a PS Pop the Other Implant So I Can Go to Bootcamp?

My left implant popped and I recently finished breastfeeding so its too soon to get my plants removed or I want to go into the military... READ MORE

What Was the Large Popp Noise I Heard?

Five weeks post op, inflammatory crease incision partial submuscular placement of silicone breast implants. Midway last week my partner leaned on top... READ MORE

My RBreast Swollen--19 years after Breast Augmentation? (Photo)

Felt incredibly sick, sever flu-like symptoms (popping joints, aching shoulders, chest pressure, popping middle of back), feel some better, now on... READ MORE

Torn scar tissue symptoms in right breast, will it heal on its own?

I am 3 months post breast augmentation with 400cc round hp silicone under muscle implants.. I was intimate with my partner a week ago and he was very... READ MORE

Loud popping noise from under breast during massage - What could it be?

I'm 10 days post op with silicones under the muscle and was just doing downward massage when I heard a loud popping noise from the bottom (incision... READ MORE

My left breast implant feels like it is popping out from the muscle. Is this possible? Should it be replaced?

When I move my breast implants from side to side on my right side, it feels like it is safe in a pocket or between the muscle. But when I move the... READ MORE

When I Make Certain Body Movements I Feel Like a Popping Sensation, Almost Like It is Being Pushed and Bounces Back Out?

13 year old Saline, tear drop implants. This has been happening for as long as I can remember.What am I feeling? READ MORE

Bruise under right incision and at side of breast at 19 days. Is this normal? (Photo)

Under the right incision and a small bruise on the right breast on side there is bruising appearing Yesterday also while massaging the right breast... READ MORE

I overstretched and felt a pop, and sharp pains under my right breast. Is this just a pulled muscle?

I am 2.5 week post op with 450 cc under the muscle. Today I Overstretched and felt a pop with immediate sharp pain under my right breast. My right... READ MORE

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