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3 Days Post-Op and Implants Are Making Noises, Should I be Concerned?

I had silicon implants on Monday 02/13/12 .... I have 400 cc's in left breast and 450 cc's in the right breast under the muscle incision under... READ MORE

Weird Sensation and Squeaking Noise in Left Breast 3 Weeks Post Op?

I had silicone implants put in, submuscular 3 weeks ago. I notice my left breast is dropping and softening faster than my right, which I've heard... READ MORE

Is The Squeaking I Hear A Seroma 8 Years Post-Op?

After I ran this morning, I noticed a weird squeaking or gurgling when I moved my breast in any kind of way. At first it was both sides now primarily... READ MORE

Saline Implants Underfilled, Abnormal Shape and Air Bubbles Worsening Since 2007, Options?

Under muscle saline implants. Originally the surgeon said I needed 425cc although I thought it was too much (I was 5'tall 125lbs)but he insisted.... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Op Hearing A Clicking on Part of Implant, Is This the Valve?

I had under the muscle saline implants put in about three weeks ago. The Brand was Natrelle by Allergan, 65 mp ,300cc filled to 350cc. I feel a... READ MORE

1 Week Post Op, 300cc Silicone Submuscular; Bruised, Swollen, Too Big?

I am 7 days post op. I had 300 cc silicone implants sub muscular with a lift. They are so bruised and swollen. At least I hope that is swelling. These... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do reduce crepitus after BA?

I had a BA yesterday (325cc, silicone, high profile, submuscular)! I haven't looked or felt much at all yet, I remove my ace bandage tomorrow and can... READ MORE

Breast Massages & Odd Clicking Noise - 7months Post Op?

I am 7 months post op. When I massage my left implant it is completely soft and moves around nicely in the pocket. When I massage my right implant it... READ MORE

Popping and Gurgling Noise 7 Weeks Post Op?

I had silicone breast implants about 7 weeks ago. When lying on my back or left side, my left breast makes a popping, sloshing type of noise. I did... READ MORE

Strange Noises in Both Gel Breast Implants?

Hi, I have had gel breast implants for 8 years with no prior problems. I had an MRI less than a year ago and all was clear. However I have been... READ MORE

4wks Post Op and Left Breast Squeaks and Seems a Little Bigger. Is This Normal?

I'm 4 weeks post op from breast implants. about a week ago the left side started squeaking and hurting again and it seems like it's a little bigger.... READ MORE

Hello, I am 6 weeks post op. All of a sudden left medial lower aspect is resisting movement and has a groove/dent squeaky noise.

I started noticing this week 6weeks post op that left side is not perfect any more. I have weird looking dent on the side the breast meets resistance... READ MORE

Rubbing sensation accompanied by noise. Submuscular (Photo)

9 days post silicone .dominate side ( my right) started feeling a rubbing sensation with noise when I move .bend and ... READ MORE

When I move my breasts, they make this weird noise like if water is stuck in there; is that normal?

I got my implants a few months ago, i had silicone implanted. everything is great until recently i keep hearing like water in my breast. READ MORE

My left breast makes a noise & feels like it's rubbing against my ribs when I bend forward. Is this normal?

My BA was 5 weeks ago. For the past few days my left breast has been making a swoosh noise & feels like it is rubbing against my ribs. It happens... READ MORE

Is a weird noise normal 5 days post op while massaging?

I am 5 days post op and started to massage my implants. I have the Natrelle ones and on my left side, up near the top closer to the bone, I am... READ MORE

4 days post op. Taking a plate out of the microwave, my right upper breast made a farting noise.

Now, almost everytime I put my arm up, my upper breast makes a farting noise. Did I pull something? Is this normal? Should I be worried? It feels as... READ MORE

Is sternal pain and unilateral "sloshing" noise normal 9 days post-op?

On 11/18 I had subpectoral BA with 650cc silicone, healing well bruising gone, swelling has diminished. I was virtually pain free on day 7, then day 8... READ MORE

I had a BA on dec 26, I am experiencing Gargling in my left breast . How long will this last?

I feel air or fluid at time in my left breast . It has only been a week will this last long? READ MORE

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