4 days post op. Taking a plate out of the microwave, my right upper breast made a farting noise.

Now, almost everytime I put my arm up, my upper breast makes a farting noise. Did I pull something? Is this normal? Should I be worried? It feels as if it's the implant

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Sound likely caused by air bubbles and shouldn’t alarm you.

Thank you for this question. What you experienced is quite common in the first week or so following breast augmentation, but it’s understandable why it would alarm you. During breast augmentation, air bubbles invariably develop around the implant. As you move, like you did when lifting the plate, these air bubbles pop and can cause an audible sound as well as a popping feeling. Again, this is completely normal after breast augmentation, so there’s no reason to be concerned. After another week or so, the bubbles will all be reabsorbed and you’ll no longer hear these noises.

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Early post op, some advices:

Thanks for the question.
Its too early to talk about final results.
In my practice, after performing a BA I recommend to my patients to limit the movement of the arms for two weeks. After that, you can move your arms taking care and always with common sense.
In this regard, it's not advisable to carry heavy weights to prevent the implant out of position, and allow the formation of the physiological capsule around the implant, also to avoid pain and breast swelling.
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Dr. Emmanuel Mallol.-

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Air in the pocket


This is not unusual post op. There is likely a small amount of air/fluid in the breast pocket and this will be reabsorbed within the next week or two. Follow up with your Plastic Surgeon if you have any concerns.

All the best

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Breast Augmentation

This sounds you are hearing are completely normal. It can either be caused by air that is just in the implant cavity or some antibiotic fluid that has yet to absorb. Either way, this will go away soon.

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There may a bit of air in our implant cavity that can cause some funny noises with motion.  This air gets eventually absorbed and goes away.  

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4 days post op. Taking a plate out of the microwave, my right upper breast made a farting noise.

Seems you need in person follow up appointment with your surgeon to ask ALL your questions. Make the visit TODAY!>

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Air in the pocket

During your breast implantation, both air and fluid are  still in the pocket for a few days to a week. This air fluid interface, in response to movement can create an audible popping or wavelike sound. I for this are my patients for years. It goes away spontaneously in a week or so, nothing to worry about. Congratulations on your surgery.

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Post op Question

Thank you for your question. Sounds like there is air in your pocket. It is impossible to get all the air out before closing the incision. Your body will soon absorb this and you shouldn't hear anymore sounds coming from your breasts. Best of luck to you.

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Air in the pocket

During the surgery as the implant is placed there is the potential to trap air in the pocket too.  It would travel up into the upper or outer part of your pocket and potentially create noise with movement or even popcorn type of sensation if you pressed the skin.

It's normal and will resolve with time as the air is absorbed.  Best wishes.

Levi J. Young, MD
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What Is That Strange Sound Coming From My Breast 4 Days Post Breast Augmentation?

The sound you heard is because air entered your breast implant pocket when the skin was open during the augmentation surgery.  This air mixes with with fluids placed in the breast implant pocket.  The air and fluid mixture in a closed space creates an audible sound.

This type of sound usually disappears after the first week post op.  In my experience, this is both quite common and nothing to worry about. 

That being said, make sure you report this experience to your personal plastic surgeon. 

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