Heart + Breast Implants

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Safe to Get Breast Implants with SVT?

I have always wanted to get breast implants and now that i'm done having kids i would like to get them soon. The only thing holding me back is i have... READ MORE

Can I Get Saline Implants If I've Had Heart Palpitations?

I used to have flutters/skips all the time and racing irregular heart beats. ive had ekg's halter monitors and ultrasounds by several different... READ MORE

Can I Still Get a Tummy Tuck and Breast Implants After Open Heart Surgery?

I had open heart surgery 9 years ago to remove a non cancerous tumor. I have given birth vaginally to two chidren since. Can I still get a tummy tuck... READ MORE

Can Heart Transplant Patients Get Breast Implants?

I take immunosuppresant medication and have previously had a heart transplant. Is it unsafe for me to get breast implants? READ MORE

Complications from Augmenting and Insurance?

I had breast augmentation a few days ago and the surgery went well and I have had no problems with the implants. However when I woke up from surgery... READ MORE

Breast Inplants with Aortic Heart Valve - is There More Risk?

I am booked in for breast implants in October. However, after sending the surgeon a document from my last report from my cardiologist about my aortic... READ MORE

Can anesthesia be causing my new condition? All test negative (Photo)

S/sx: rapid heart beat, mental fog, hard to concentrate, head feels heavy. I had general anesthesia on Thursday. Surgery went great. Saturday I came... READ MORE

What are the risk with high heart rate and pressure for Breast Implants?

Hello i am getting my breast implants on the 8 th and am really nerves about how mad i get with my tepper at times bur my body does this since i have... READ MORE

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