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Will HP Breast Implants Help with Pigeon Chest?

During a consultation, I was told I have Pectus Carinatum (pigeon chest). Presently, I am 34C, and considering breast augmentation (I had a breast... READ MORE

High Profile 550cc Breast Implants for Athletic Build?

I initially wanted the natural look but now want the fake look. I presently have 350cc silicone mod plus breast implants with a lollipop breast lift... READ MORE

Will They Get Bigger?

2 Day w/ 371cc, pre op 34A , after swelling but I look so flat, help will they get bigger? I don't understand why I look so flat w/ my new... READ MORE

6 weeks post op, my breast have sunken and flat appearance of the nipples? Is this normal? (photos)

I have silicone, breast implants placed under the muscle six weeks ago with areola incision. They look great with the exception of my right... READ MORE

My Breasts Look Flat in the Middle and Not Correctly Shaped Post-surgery

. Silicone 397 cc. Riding high. I am depressed. I just had the surgery a few days ago. Saw the surgeon who put it off on me telling me I needed to... READ MORE

Silicone Vs Saline Breast Implants for a 37 Year Old?

I'm considering Breast Implant with Breast lift since aging impact and having baby left me with flat breast with loose skin no volume on top. I hate... READ MORE

Breast Implants Not Filling in Front of Chest Wall, Implants Fall on Sides (Lying Down) more then Staying in Front? (photo)

Breast implants done almost a yr ago was aa cup got 335 cc ment to make me a full d.. my ps will fix my scars as they r low..but told me that she cant... READ MORE

Flat spots under breast implants: will they fill in as my implants drop? (Photo)

I had a breast lift and augmentation 3 weeks ago. I am not happy about the shape right now. They are not rounded at the incisions. Will the flat spots... READ MORE

Breasts Look Flat After Implant Replacement and Lift

I had old implants from 18 years ago removed and had new ones put in along with a breast lift. My PMD only gave me 150 cc which I think is small. I... READ MORE

Still Flat After Breast Implants?

I am 5'6 120 lbs with 200 cc saline low profile unders implanted a month ago. I look disappointingly flat. Would a small change (50 cc) make a difference? READ MORE

Are breast implants in 30F natural breasts possible? (photos)

I have naturally "large" breasts though as a 30F I find my breasts are small on my frame and out of proportion with my 42 inch hips. My breasts also... READ MORE

My implants are wide when laying down. Can this be fix? (photos)

Implants are wide when laying down, they are flat towards the middle of my chest.cabt this problem be fixes and why is this happening? I'm 4 months... READ MORE

Breasts Appear Flat After Lift and Implants

I had a lollipop breast lift with 500cc implants two weeks ago. My breasts look flat. Will they pop out and change or will they stay flattened like a... READ MORE

Surgery 4 weeks ago and one side looks flat on top in cleavage area. I'm worried something is wrong. (Photo)

I had 450 cc mod + under the muscle about 4 weeks ago. One side looks full in top and the other looks flat to me on top in the cleavage area. I see my... READ MORE

3 months post op and breasts are flat when laying down and also different size. Revision? (Photo)

500cc silicon, dual plane mod+profile on July 31 2014. The left breast got a BL. I was a diff size prior to surgery. Still not the same size, now I... READ MORE

Wanting Breast implants. What can I do?

I've always wanted bigger breast I have always been a size A cup. I breastfed & now my breast are completely flat. have been wearing a bombshell bra... READ MORE

What most newest and safest implants today? (photos)

I have small breast, I did fat transfer almost 5 months ago, looks better but still look kind of flat with bathing suit, I don't want big breast I... READ MORE

Manufacturer Contact?

I have had my McGhan saline implants for 6 years. I got a mammogram in August, and now my left implant is flat. How can I contact the manufacturer so... READ MORE

Advice please on Implants? (photo)

I am a flat 34A/B I want extreme cleavage, full round breast, I'm open to suggestions on size, profile, type, ect... READ MORE

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