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Want Big Round Fake Stripper Look - 19 Years Old

19 years old, 110 pounds..boob job- I want to do about 550-650cc high profile saline. I love the big round fake stripper look. Im a 32b now..I know... READ MORE

Options for xl breast implants to archive busty fake look? (photo)

I have wanted large breast implants for a while now. I am currently quite small at a B but would like to know options for a larger look. I currently... READ MORE

Do All Breast Implants Look Fake when Lying Down?

I'm looking into BA and I've decided that I want silicone due to a more natural feel when under the muscle (I'm an A cup, so it's going under the... READ MORE

High Profile 550cc Breast Implants for Athletic Build?

I initially wanted the natural look but now want the fake look. I presently have 350cc silicone mod plus breast implants with a lollipop breast lift... READ MORE

Breast Implant Type to Achieve Artificial Look?

I will be meeting with a plastic surgeon to discuss having a Breast Augmentation. I want to achieve a very artificial look so that people can tell... READ MORE

How to Get Hourglass Shape with Implants?

Hi, I am 28 yrs old 5' 4 120lbs, no children, 32 b - 23 - 36 I am REALLY wanting to have implants that are ROUND, FULL, AND FAKE looking. I lost... READ MORE

What if I Don't Like my New Breast Implants?

I am seriously considering a breast augmentation, but what if I don't like the way the implants look after surgery?  Can the breast implants be... READ MORE

650cc or 700cc? Silicone HP unders. I'm hoping for a rounded "fake" appearance that gives me upper pole fullness. (Photo)

Hello I'm driving myself crazy. I'm getting HP silicone unders in 15 days.. I can't decide between 650cc and 700cc.. I know it's a large implant but I... READ MORE

What is Going on Here? My Breast Look Fake and Distorted. (photo)

I am very sad to say how unhappy I am w/the outcome of my implants. This is what they look like holding my hands above my head, they fall awkward and... READ MORE

How do I get Breasts like Gemmas Massey? (Photo)

Age: 22 Weight: 134 lbs ( I plan to be 90 - 100 lbs when i get the surgery at the end of the year) height: 5'1" Natural breast size: 36 D Desired... READ MORE

How to Get Fake Perky Breasts?

I'm 5'6" 150/muscular body type. Got implants (450 mentor smooth round ) and am very unhappy. They are too far apart, droopy and my areolas are way... READ MORE

What Went Wrong with my Breast Lift with Implants?

I had my breast implants replaced and lifted. They were big, high and round but began to droop over the years. I never expected the breast implants to... READ MORE

Help. So I am supposed to get 750 cc gel under muscle implant will that make me look full and fake? (photo)

Ok I am supposed to get surgury jan 14 th I am getting nervous all the results I read that gel will give more of a natural look. I don't want that I... READ MORE

Will I have the fake porn star look I want? (Photo)

Im 5 ft 2 in 124 lbs. I had 650cc of saline with high profile implants. I want the fake porn star look im afraid that i should of had more cc of... READ MORE

280CC, Under Muscle, Cohesive Gel Implants: Are They Right for my Frame?

Hi.. I am 24, no children, slim, 5,3 in height. I am thinking of having a breast enlargement. I current have around a b cup. I have been for a... READ MORE

Will 295cc silicone round high profile look unnatural and fake on a petite frame?

I am 5ft 2., weigh 49kgs and my surgeon said the maximum implant I could take was 345cc HP. My surgeon recommended either 265cc or 295cc of which he... READ MORE

Silicone vs Saline? (Photo)

38 yrs old, three kids, 5'1" 120lbs athletic built. 3rd BA, First BA 17 years ago saline 350 cc ( botched) revision this Aug moderate silicone 650... READ MORE

Is Breast implants 400cc too big for 5'3'' & 97lbs (44kg) ?

I am 20 years old, 5'3'' and 97lbs(44kg) I am a 65B bra size(EU sizes). I decided 400cc Silicone implants, under muscle, high profile. Is 400cc too... READ MORE

My euro silicone breast implants still look quite high after nearly 10 years. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had euro silicone 280 nearly 10 years ago in th UK. They were done under the muscle. They still looked "just done" after 18 months and I was told by... READ MORE

Dr. Refuses to Do HP Implants... Should I Be Getting 2nd Opinion?

Hello Dr's. My current PS refuses to do HP implants because she says they look fake and torpedo like. I'm very slender and tall. My stats are:... READ MORE

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