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Want Big Round Fake Stripper Look - 19 Years Old

19 years old, 110 pounds..boob job- I want to do about 550-650cc high profile saline. I love the big round fake stripper look. Im a 32b now..I know... READ MORE

Options for xl breast implants to archive busty fake look? (photo)

I have wanted large breast implants for a while now. I am currently quite small at a B but would like to know options for a larger look. I currently... READ MORE

Do All Breast Implants Look Fake when Lying Down?

I'm looking into BA and I've decided that I want silicone due to a more natural feel when under the muscle (I'm an A cup, so it's going under the... READ MORE

High Profile 550cc Breast Implants for Athletic Build?

I initially wanted the natural look but now want the fake look. I presently have 350cc silicone mod plus breast implants with a lollipop breast lift... READ MORE

Breast Implant Type to Achieve Artificial Look?

I will be meeting with a plastic surgeon to discuss having a Breast Augmentation. I want to achieve a very artificial look so that people can tell... READ MORE

How to Get Hourglass Shape with Implants?

Hi, I am 28 yrs old 5' 4 120lbs, no children, 32 b - 23 - 36 I am REALLY wanting to have implants that are ROUND, FULL, AND FAKE looking. I lost... READ MORE

What if I Don't Like my New Breast Implants?

I am seriously considering a breast augmentation, but what if I don't like the way the implants look after surgery?  Can the breast implants be... READ MORE

650cc or 700cc? Silicone HP unders. I'm hoping for a rounded "fake" appearance that gives me upper pole fullness. (Photo)

Hello I'm driving myself crazy. I'm getting HP silicone unders in 15 days.. I can't decide between 650cc and 700cc.. I know it's a large implant but I... READ MORE

What is Going on Here? My Breast Look Fake and Distorted. (photo)

I am very sad to say how unhappy I am w/the outcome of my implants. This is what they look like holding my hands above my head, they fall awkward and... READ MORE

How do I get Breasts like Gemmas Massey? (Photo)

Age: 22 Weight: 134 lbs ( I plan to be 90 - 100 lbs when i get the surgery at the end of the year) height: 5'1" Natural breast size: 36 D Desired... READ MORE

How to Get Fake Perky Breasts?

I'm 5'6" 150/muscular body type. Got implants (450 mentor smooth round ) and am very unhappy. They are too far apart, droopy and my areolas are way... READ MORE

What Went Wrong with my Breast Lift with Implants?

I had my breast implants replaced and lifted. They were big, high and round but began to droop over the years. I never expected the breast implants to... READ MORE

Help. So I am supposed to get 750 cc gel under muscle implant will that make me look full and fake? (photo)

Ok I am supposed to get surgury jan 14 th I am getting nervous all the results I read that gel will give more of a natural look. I don't want that I... READ MORE

Will I have the fake porn star look I want? (Photo)

Im 5 ft 2 in 124 lbs. I had 650cc of saline with high profile implants. I want the fake porn star look im afraid that i should of had more cc of... READ MORE

280CC, Under Muscle, Cohesive Gel Implants: Are They Right for my Frame?

Hi.. I am 24, no children, slim, 5,3 in height. I am thinking of having a breast enlargement. I current have around a b cup. I have been for a... READ MORE

Silicone vs Saline? (Photo)

38 yrs old, three kids, 5'1" 120lbs athletic built. 3rd BA, First BA 17 years ago saline 350 cc ( botched) revision this Aug moderate silicone 650... READ MORE

Will 295cc silicone round high profile look unnatural and fake on a petite frame?

I am 5ft 2., weigh 49kgs and my surgeon said the maximum implant I could take was 345cc HP. My surgeon recommended either 265cc or 295cc of which he... READ MORE

Is Breast implants 400cc too big for 5'3'' & 97lbs (44kg) ?

I am 20 years old, 5'3'' and 97lbs(44kg) I am a 65B bra size(EU sizes). I decided 400cc Silicone implants, under muscle, high profile. Is 400cc too... READ MORE

Dr. Refuses to Do HP Implants... Should I Be Getting 2nd Opinion?

Hello Dr's. My current PS refuses to do HP implants because she says they look fake and torpedo like. I'm very slender and tall. My stats are:... READ MORE

My euro silicone breast implants still look quite high after nearly 10 years. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had euro silicone 280 nearly 10 years ago in th UK. They were done under the muscle. They still looked "just done" after 18 months and I was told by... READ MORE

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