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Do I Need Revision Surgery to Fix Dent in New Gummy Bear Implants?

I got 250 cc "gummy bear" implants a week ago. Yesterday, I rotated too quickly to get off the bed and had a sharp, burning pain inside of... READ MORE

How to Fix the Dent on Breast Implants

I write this on behalf of my friend. She had breast augmentation 3 weeks ago with the incision in the armpits. Four days ago, she started to notice a... READ MORE

Breast Implant Moves when I Run? (photo)

Augmented 4 months ago. When I flex my muscles, left side has a dent on inner bottom corner and implant bulges out. right side I can feel the implant... READ MORE

I Have a Huge Dent in One Breast After Getting Implants and Now the Other Shows Some Form of a Dent... What is Wrong? (photo)

I had tubular breast syndrome of my right breast very bad. so I had an expander put in and it was filled to a d size so I cld have a size c. This was... READ MORE

Had Silicone Implants 6 Months Ago and Now I Have an Indentation is This Normal

Had silicone implants 6 months ago. and now i have an indentation on my right breast. i was told to wait about 6 months and it would slow go away. but... READ MORE

What is This Dent and Can It Be Fixed? (photo)

I am 2.5 months post up and I have this weird dent that I don't like at all. It's noticeable in a low cut shirt and bikini. how can this be fixed and... READ MORE

10 months post. A cup 2 450cc round high profile smooth silicone gel implant, bottoming out, falling 2 sides, dent, fix? (Photo)

Over muscle, crease incisions. Nipples high, implants pulling, falling feeling bottom and sides. Thumb size imprint in R breast. Very soft, I can feel... READ MORE

Rippling and Slight Denting in Breast Implants?

Hi there I had my implants put in nearly 20 years ago (im now 39). I am more than happy with them, they are silicone. However recently i have noticed... READ MORE

How to Fix a Dent in my Breast Under my Nipple?

I had some scar tissue, and my surgeon removed it, which left me with a dent, then he went in to correct the dent, and it didnt work, the dent it... READ MORE

Can a bra cause my breasts to shape differently? (photo)

I had 275 cc mentor under and breast lift 12 days ago. For some reason, I didn't understand why my right breast was in so much pain. Today, when I... READ MORE

5 days post-op, 310cc moderate profile. Slight dent? Or double bubble? (Photo)

I am concerned about my left breast when you look at the pictures it's the one on the right. I noticed immediately after surgery it had like a slight... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about a dip in my right breast at week one stage of breast augmentation recovery?

I had my 1 week check up yesterday with the nurse, everything looks good and the scars are healing well. I took the surgical bra off when I got home... READ MORE

Dent on right side of cleavage/breast. Can this be corrected without an invasive re-surgery? (Photo)

Hi and thank you in advance for your time. After 3 mths after surgery, I started to notice this "dent" appearing on the right side of my cleavage. I... READ MORE

Dents on my right breast? (Photo)

I am a transgender 1 month post op breast augmentation with 300 cc silicone implants, the dents on my right breast bothers me. My left breast is so... READ MORE

What's is this dent? (photo)

I'm 5weeks post op. I noticed a dent in my right breast just relaxed, standing. I then went to look in the mirror, I flexed... That is shown in the... READ MORE

Dent in cleavage 11 days post-surgery. Will it go away as breasts settle and drop? (Photo)

My recovery has been fantastic and my breast have been perfect, until a dent just appeared on my right breast in the cleavage area. If I push my... READ MORE

What can I do about dents after explant surgery?

I had 23 year old silicone implants (placed over the muscle) removed en bloc four years ago via inframammary fold incision. It feels like I have... READ MORE

Dents On Top of Saline Implants, Never Seen it This Bad?

There really bad and deep it looks like a under filled bag of saline inside of her breast's. She used to have Old Silicone implants. She has very... READ MORE

Bottoming out concerns. Is this more complicated than it looks? (Photo)

I emailed my PS about concerns i had with my breast from bottoming out, dent on my cleavage line, and my right breast falling towards my armpit when... READ MORE

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