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Natural Look for Uneven Breasts - Type of Surgery?

What surgery would you suggest for me? I clearly have asymmetric breasts and I would like to know what surgery you would advise? I have realistic... READ MORE

Will my Asymmetric Breasts from Breast Implants Even out Eventually?

I recently had silicone breast implants about 7 weeks ago. I have the left breast which is fuller more side cleavage and the nipple is higher than on... READ MORE

Why Does One of my Breast Implants Look Bigger?

First two weeks after surgery I felt the fuller breast heavier then the other. Can it be that my right one is dropping faster? I highly doubt one... READ MORE

My Breast Are Unequal?

I am a 20 year old girl and my left boob is about a C36 and my right is about half the size.I have constant back and chest pain.I wish to have them... READ MORE

Asymmetry and Burning Sensation After Breast Implants

I just got Mentor high profile Silicone breast implants 22 days ago. My left breast is 550 cc and my right breast is now 500 cc. The left one seems a... READ MORE

Right Breast Implant Sits Higher Than the Other

I recently had breast augmentation with an internal lift three weeks ago. My right breast implant sits a little higher and I have loose skin around... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Breast Implant Results

I had a breast augmentation 3 months ago, 350cc filled to 400cc (Saline) under the muscle. My right breast was larger to begin with, so my surgeon did... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Op Breast Augmentation 350cc Silicone Cohesive Teardrop and Asymmetric? (photo)

Immediately after surgery, my left breast looked perfect but my right breast is higher, odd shaped, and nipple is lower. Is there something that I can... READ MORE

Different Breast Implant Sizes for Slightly Asymmetrical Breasts?

One of my breasts is A cup and the other is AA. When I breastfed, my A cup breast was a lot bigger than my AA cup breast (the larger one was probably... READ MORE

Can Asymmetrical Breasts be Fixed Without Surgery?

Hi! I am 22 years old and I was wondering from looking at my pictures could my asymmetrical breast be fixed without implants? Or would I need implants... READ MORE

Can an Implant Still "Drop" After 6 Months? (photo)

I am 6 months post-op, and my breasts are quite asymmetrical. I got 250cc sub-muscular on breasts that were already asymmetrical so I am not expecting... READ MORE

How Much Difference Will 100cc Make for Someone Small?

I recently had a benelli lift and am considering adding 100cc implants to correct mild asymmetry. I discussed this with my dr, he said b/c Im small... READ MORE

One Breast Implant is Sore and Hard

Right Breast is sore an hard, like a baseball when I lie down. Left breast feels great. 3 month post-op When laying down right breast is very hard... READ MORE

Should I Feel my Breast Implant Move at This Stage& Why Does my Breast Look This Way?

I am 22 days out of BA surg texture silicone cohesive submuscular.Before sugery I was completely flat chest no cup at all I was hoping to be a small C... READ MORE

Asymmetric Breasts - Can You Get One Breast Implant?

Can you get one implant when you have asymmetrical breasts? would it look normal to have one implant to correct the A cup to match the C cup? Each... READ MORE

Breast Implants for Patient with Dense Breasts and Fibroid Cysts?

Should someone with a strong family history of breast cancer not consider Breast implants? I have dense breasts, many fibroid cysts and my mother... READ MORE

What is the Best Option for Poland Syndrome Breast Deformity?

I have severe breast asymmetry. After nursing, pregnancy seems that my breast lost all shape, elasticity. one breast is C cup, the other is an A cup.... READ MORE

I am planning to have a re-operation due to a couple of problems. How to Avoid Breast Implant Extrusion?

Hello doctors, I am planning to have a re-operation due to a couple of problems. I have very thin skin, and currently I can feel a 'knuckle' (the edge... READ MORE

I Had my Implants Done 3 Months Ago One is Bigger Than the Other and the Right One Sags

My implants were done 3 months ago and one seems bigger than the other and the right one sags, The Dr out 450 in the right and 470 in the left. I... READ MORE

Left:445cc, It Right Size?pictures Added. I had my last appointment with doc before my BA surgery...We decided to go for moderate profile ,left:TRM445,and right:TRM485 gummy bear... READ MORE

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