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Have my implants bottomed out? Should I get larger ones so there's more middle cleavage? Maybe switch to overs? (Photo)

The gap between breast I feel is too large. I think they appear to have bottomed out, as my scar is way higher than most. I am 9 months post op. I... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture Due to Trauma? (photo)

I'm 9 month post surgery, it went ok, i was happy with result.3 month ago my husband pushed too much on inner side of my breast.My doctor examined me... READ MORE

Dimples in Cleavage Area when Leaning over

I 9 months post-op and chose round 375 cc high profile textured silicone implants under the muscle. At the time when I was choosing the size, I had... READ MORE

What Happened 9 months After Breast Implants?

36 weeks ago I had high-profile, silicone implants (350cc) placed dual-plane together with BREAST LIFT, mastopexy.. For 6 weeks I continuously wore a... READ MORE

Are my Nipples Too Low? (photo)

I am 9 months post op and I got 300cc implants on both side, under the muscles. I was just wondering whether my nipples are too low, will my implants... READ MORE

I was very clear I wanted cleavage and to look natural, didn't get it:( what Size would you have suggested? (photo)

I am 9 MO PO BA 339 Mod Prof. Silicone Unders. I was very clear I wanted cleavage and to look natural. I know this is possible....But Not feeling like... READ MORE

does lifting weight (upper body exercises) make capsular contracture get worse?

I've had CC on my left breast for 9 months. It' prbly grade 3. The implant has moved upward and towards my armpit. I love lifting weights at the gym,... READ MORE

Only One Nipple Gets Hard, Is This Normal?

Hi doctors i had breast implants n i just notice this pass days that only my left nipple gets hard when it gets cold. My right side wont get hard at... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Pain and Swelling in Right Breast 9 Months Post Op After Under Muscle Silicone Implants?

All was good until three days ago when i awoke in extreme pain in my right breast which is now very swollen and looks at least twice normal size. It... READ MORE

Do I have capsular contracture? If so, what non-surgical options are available for me? (Photo)

I got surgery 9 months ago from a b to a d 335cc. They are still very hard. Do you think I have capsular construction? If so what can be done thats... READ MORE

It Has Been Almost 9 Months Since my BA and my Breasts Are Still Too High. Am I Able to Still Achieve the "Slope"?

I had my augmentation 9 months ago. I recieved silicone 400 cc's, moderate profile, under the muscle. I feel too big with too much upper pole fullness... READ MORE

I have double bubble 9mo postop. My doctor wants to do fat injections. What should I do? Did my doctor do a poor job? (Photo)

I'm 9months PO. I had a breast aug with 335 allergan 410MF implants. I have double bubble and my implants are wide. My doctor wants to do fat... READ MORE

I Had a BA on Oct 11th 2011. My Right One Now Feels Like Something is Grinding Under the Implant? (photo)

I had BA surgery inc a small lift. My implants went in through the nipple & i have a 375cc silicone, smooth, high profile implant in the left... READ MORE

I Am 9 Months Post Op. Is It Normal That my Right Breast Seems to Have Moved Back Up in the Pocket?

My breasts seemed to drop normal and were even since my surgery. However now it seems that my right breast has moved back up, almost looking like it... READ MORE

I'm in a Lot of Pain After 9 Months Breast Implant, What Could be Causing this?

On may 3, 2011 I had a second breast surgery from my left hand side. Some times I'm on so much pain.This pain come and goes.I'm taking 800... READ MORE

What needs to be done to correct this? (Photo)

Had breast implant overs for 20 years. I was encapsulated and took them out for 2 years, but I am completely flat so things didn't look right. Finally... READ MORE

9 Months Post Implants: Is it Normal to Now Have Pain When Sleeping on my Belly/Breasts?

Its been 9 months now that im had my 520cc saline implants via armpit. I feel if i sleep on my back the implants slide toward my arms. If i sleep on... READ MORE

Firmer on Top?

I got 275 cohesive gel unders 9 months ago. I slightly bo on my right, now my left feels firmer, but only on the top half, bottom and sides are soft.... READ MORE

Breast Asymmetry. 280cc's 9 Months Ago. Should I Get Revision Surgery? (photo)

I had asymmetrical breasts pre op which I had told the doctor I had wanted fixed. However it seems like now it is extremely magnified. He is advising... READ MORE

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