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Is There A Chance My Breast Implant Could Still Drop Even After 9 Months? They're Still Not Even.

Surgery 1-27-11, Silicone Gel Submuscular 450cc.Singular for 2.25 mos for firm right breast - breast are equally soft now. Vit E @1000mg taken daily... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture After Breast Implants. What Are My Options Other Than Surgery? (photo)

I got my silicone implants ( 325cc both side) 7 months ago and both of them don't soft over time. My surgeon told me that it could be a capsular... READ MORE

Could Double Bubble Appear As Resulf from Strong Preasure on Breast During Sex? (photo)

I had my implants for 7 month, 255 mentor anatomical,dual plane.I had light assymetry before,it stayed after the surgery but I was very happy with the... READ MORE

Does Milk Thistle Help Soften Breast?

I had a saline BA 7 months ago. My right one is not dropping and my doctor has had to pop the capsular contractures a few times already. he gave me... READ MORE

Can an Small Abscess Clear out on Its Own with Removing Implants?

I got breast implants 7 mos ago & have been diagnosed w/an abscess in my L breast.There's no fever,blood tests are healthy, culture sample... READ MORE

If my Memory Gel Breast Implant Suddenly Got Squishy After Rough Handling, is It Broken?

I got memortgel implants (450ml) in April and after rough handling, one is much squishier than the other and makes noises. What is the likelihood that... READ MORE

7 Months After Surgery Are My Implants Too Close Together? (photo)

I am extremely happy with my implants; before surgery I was completely flat chested. I went for a check up this week and my doctor said my breasts are... READ MORE

Double Bubble Still Present After Revision Surgery?

I had breast augementation 7 months ago, 385 cc after taking the dressing off after one week, i noticed a bulge, after consultation with surgeon found... READ MORE

7 months post-op: is there anything I can do to help with the tenting? Certain bras or massaging? I have 375cc implants. (Photo)

I'm 7 months post op after having 375CC implants in and I have tenting between my breasts, is there any thing I can do to help with the tenting ??... READ MORE

Possile To Have a Defective Gel Implant? One Is Droopy and Hanging 7 Months PO. (photo)

I had cohesive gel implants in July 2011. At 6 weeks, I noticed the right breast was much droopier than the left. I was told this was normal... READ MORE

Are my breast still going to drop? Right side is still riding high after 7 months. (Photo)

7 months ago I had 425cc's put under the muscle, silicone implants. Implants were the same size cause I had no visible asymmetry. 7 months later and... READ MORE

Breast Massages & Odd Clicking Noise - 7months Post Op?

I am 7 months post op. When I massage my left implant it is completely soft and moves around nicely in the pocket. When I massage my right implant it... READ MORE

It has been 7 months and still no sign of scars fading. Will this get better or am I stuck with the results?

It has been 7 months and still no sign of scars fading. The scars are really thick all the way around the nipples as well as both lines going down the... READ MORE

Chest Exercises and Implants?

Hi. I had implants put in in December so about 7 months ago. I am going to begin training for the police department. Before surgery I had awesome... READ MORE

Unsettled Implants After 7 Months?

I had breast implants > 7 months ago. i am petite and opted for a small size ( i got 235 ml of silicone implants) . I did the exercises. I started... READ MORE

Why do my boobs look so awful? (Photo)

It's been 7 months. Since my surgery and my boobs look a mess they are 550 cc silicone under the muscle. Can you please tell me Why? I paid thousands... READ MORE

No cleavage or upper pole fullness after breast augmentation

I am now 7 months post op and am not happy with my results. I had almost no breast tissue before surgery and went with 425cc high profile silicone... READ MORE

Itching where breast implant incisions are. Is this normal?

Hi there. I've had my breast implants for about 7 months now. Everything went good with healing and what not. Once in a while I will notice that my... READ MORE

Sternum lifted off chest, lateral displacement? Revision necessary? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation 7 months ago and I am slightly disappointed with the results. I was originally a 36B and received 500cc silicone HP... READ MORE

7 months post op - Would you consider my implants bottomed out? (photos)

Not sure if my implants have bottomed out? It's almost 7 months post op (Nov 13 2013) and I don't feel the top is firm enough it just feels kind of... READ MORE

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