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In Early Stages of Capsular Contracture, Are there Prevention Methods? (photo)

I had my first surgery in 2008, my first CC was removed in 2009 (left breast, 330cl Sil.) and only a few months later I started to sense a capsule. I... READ MORE

Bruising Feeling After Breast Implants

I got breast implants in 2006. It's been 3 years and everything has been fine, up until this past week when a small area of my right breast has been... READ MORE

Burning Sensation in Right Breast. Is This Normal? I Had a Mammogram 2 Weeks Ago.

Burning Sensation Inright Breast 3 Years Since Saline in Plants What Can It Be from Had Normal Mammo 2weeks Ago ? READ MORE

I Had Silicon Breast Implants 3 Years Ago, Liquid Found Around Left Breast Implant. Freaking Out?

I had breast augmentation 3 years ago; 2 days after the surgery fluid build around left breast and it was immediately drained. Left breast always... READ MORE

Fluttering Sensation Years After Breast Implants

Had my implants x 3 yrs. Yesterday woke up and cleaned house. No problems. Then while driving my car felt a weird fluttering feeling when I would... READ MORE

3 Year Old Breast Implants Causing Pain Durning Pregnancy, What's Going On?

Hi I got breast implants 3 yrs ago no problems only now I'm 6months pregnant,and my right breast is slightly larger but causing me alot of pain... READ MORE

3 Years Post Op, I Can Feel my Breast Implant?

I have saline implants. Recently, after loosing 6% body fat, when I touch the underneath of my right breast I can feel the edge and bag , and the... READ MORE

Why Did One Of My Implants Never Settle? Was It Place It Too High?

Three years ago, I had teardrop implants placed transaxillary. My left one never settled all the way, at my post-op my surgeon only recommended... READ MORE

I Have Severe Capsular Contracture and Have Had the Aspen Procedure Done, the Implants Feel Like Rocks I Hate Them?

I got implants june 2009 when i turned 18, now i am 21 and i have severe contracture, my boobs are lumpy, uncomfortable and i just want them out. I... READ MORE

Could my Diagnosis of Mondor's Syndrom Actually Be Capsular Contracture?

I found a hard, tender, cord like mass in my left breast. I went to Dr. who diagnosed it as Mondors syndrom. I have had breast implants for 3 years... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation 3 Yrs Ago, Doesn't Seem to Be Capsular Contracture But?

I had a breast augmentation 3 years ago (saline under the muscle) and all of a sudden I am having a severe pain in my right breast. I've looked into... READ MORE

Marble Size Bump Potruding in my Cleavage Area, Right Breast. Cause?

I had breast implants 3 years ago. Couple of months ago I started feeling some pain in my right lower cleavage. When examined it, I felt that there... READ MORE

My Silicon Breast Implants Are 3 Years Old and in the Last Month Two Air Bubbles Visible when Looking at Them?

And through clothes, I went to my doctors and they wouldn't look, said I needed to go back to my surgeon but I had them done abroad, please help very... READ MORE

I Have a Small Hard "Ball" in my Left Breast Near my Nipple It's Only Just "Popped" Up It's Smaller Than my Pinky Nail?

I can move it in circles. I had my breast augmentation done almost 3 years ago silicone implants...any ideas? READ MORE

Why is my breast indented when I lay down? (Photo)

I'm three years post op after a b.a I went from a c to an e cup over the muscle, I've had no problems up until I went on holiday and my breast became... READ MORE

Breast Implants and Headaches/backaches Between the Shoulders?

I had breast implants 3yrs ago. I was a "B" however, The surgeon recommended to get a lift and implant however, the surgeon would not do them at the... READ MORE

I Had Swelling and Soreness in my Breast Ive Had my Implants for Three Years Will I Have to Take Them Out?

I called my doctor and he put me on antibiotics I have been taking them for several days but I'm still have a little swelling in my right breast but... READ MORE

3 year old Saline Implants and areola rash 4 months after mammogram. Could they be developing fungus? (photos)

I got saline Implants when I was 26 , now 42 & decided to replace them 3 years ago after suffering from auto-immune symptoms after having a mammogram.... READ MORE

Dent After Breast Implants

I had implants 3 years ago and they have been trying to correct what looked like a dent in clevage line. now its kinda sore constantly and the doctor... READ MORE

Is weight loss the reason for my breast implant rippling?

I had 450cc saline 3 years ago (375 overfilled to 450) and at that time I was 105 pounds and 5f2. I went through a pregnancy last year and since a... READ MORE

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