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In Early Stages of Capsular Contracture, Are there Prevention Methods? (photo)

I had my first surgery in 2008, my first CC was removed in 2009 (left breast, 330cl Sil.) and only a few months later I started to sense a capsule. I... READ MORE

Bruising Feeling After Breast Implants

I got breast implants in 2006. It's been 3 years and everything has been fine, up until this past week when a small area of my right breast has been... READ MORE

Burning Sensation in Right Breast. Is This Normal? I Had a Mammogram 2 Weeks Ago.

Burning Sensation Inright Breast 3 Years Since Saline in Plants What Can It Be from Had Normal Mammo 2weeks Ago ? READ MORE

I Had Silicon Breast Implants 3 Years Ago, Liquid Found Around Left Breast Implant. Freaking Out?

I had breast augmentation 3 years ago; 2 days after the surgery fluid build around left breast and it was immediately drained. Left breast always... READ MORE

Fluttering Sensation Years After Breast Implants

Had my implants x 3 yrs. Yesterday woke up and cleaned house. No problems. Then while driving my car felt a weird fluttering feeling when I would... READ MORE

3 Year Old Breast Implants Causing Pain Durning Pregnancy, What's Going On?

Hi I got breast implants 3 yrs ago no problems only now I'm 6months pregnant,and my right breast is slightly larger but causing me alot of pain... READ MORE

3 Years Post Op, I Can Feel my Breast Implant?

I have saline implants. Recently, after loosing 6% body fat, when I touch the underneath of my right breast I can feel the edge and bag , and the... READ MORE

Why Did One Of My Implants Never Settle? Was It Place It Too High?

Three years ago, I had teardrop implants placed transaxillary. My left one never settled all the way, at my post-op my surgeon only recommended... READ MORE

Could my Diagnosis of Mondor's Syndrom Actually Be Capsular Contracture?

I found a hard, tender, cord like mass in my left breast. I went to Dr. who diagnosed it as Mondors syndrom. I have had breast implants for 3 years... READ MORE

I Have Severe Capsular Contracture and Have Had the Aspen Procedure Done, the Implants Feel Like Rocks I Hate Them?

I got implants june 2009 when i turned 18, now i am 21 and i have severe contracture, my boobs are lumpy, uncomfortable and i just want them out. I... READ MORE

Marble Size Bump Potruding in my Cleavage Area, Right Breast. Cause?

I had breast implants 3 years ago. Couple of months ago I started feeling some pain in my right lower cleavage. When examined it, I felt that there... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation 3 Yrs Ago, Doesn't Seem to Be Capsular Contracture But?

I had a breast augmentation 3 years ago (saline under the muscle) and all of a sudden I am having a severe pain in my right breast. I've looked into... READ MORE

My Silicon Breast Implants Are 3 Years Old and in the Last Month Two Air Bubbles Visible when Looking at Them?

And through clothes, I went to my doctors and they wouldn't look, said I needed to go back to my surgeon but I had them done abroad, please help very... READ MORE

Breast Implants and Headaches/backaches Between the Shoulders?

I had breast implants 3yrs ago. I was a "B" however, The surgeon recommended to get a lift and implant however, the surgeon would not do them at the... READ MORE

I Had Swelling and Soreness in my Breast Ive Had my Implants for Three Years Will I Have to Take Them Out?

I called my doctor and he put me on antibiotics I have been taking them for several days but I'm still have a little swelling in my right breast but... READ MORE

Dent After Breast Implants

I had implants 3 years ago and they have been trying to correct what looked like a dent in clevage line. now its kinda sore constantly and the doctor... READ MORE

I Have a Small Hard "Ball" in my Left Breast Near my Nipple It's Only Just "Popped" Up It's Smaller Than my Pinky Nail?

I can move it in circles. I had my breast augmentation done almost 3 years ago silicone implants...any ideas? READ MORE

3 year old Saline Implants and areola rash 4 months after mammogram. Could they be developing fungus? (photos)

I got saline Implants when I was 26 , now 42 & decided to replace them 3 years ago after suffering from auto-immune symptoms after having a mammogram.... READ MORE

Why is my breast indented when I lay down? (Photo)

I'm three years post op after a b.a I went from a c to an e cup over the muscle, I've had no problems up until I went on holiday and my breast became... READ MORE

My Second Surgery, Am I Bottoming Out Again? (photo)

This is my second surgery. My PS told me that she had to re create the pocket in my breast because it was damaged from the first implant that was just... READ MORE

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