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Allergy Due to Ruptured Silicone Breast Implants?

I've had Silicone breast implants for two years, unfortunately as shown in the MRI, one is ruptured and the other one is leaking. I already saw a... READ MORE

i put silicone implants 690 cc completely under the muscle 2 years ago..

The implants are mentor.. They still feel hard, they are positioned too high and too far apart.. This may be due to my chest structure which is... READ MORE

Why Would I Start Feeling Pain Around One Implant 2 Years Post-Op?

I had breast augmentation performed two years ago. I started expieriencing pain/tightness around the same time I started swimming more.But, I only... READ MORE

I Have a Soft Lump on my Breast That Feels Like a Water Balloon. Is This my Impant?

I had saline breast implants placed on top of the muscle about two years ago. I have had no problems until recently. About 5 months ago I felt a small... READ MORE

My Implant Extruded 2 Years Post Op? (photo)

I had silicone polyeurethane coated breast implants placed over the muscle 2 years ago. 6 weeks ago i got what looked like a small bruise on the scar... READ MORE

What Causes Implants to Change Shape and Get Bulges 2 Years Post-Op? (photo)

I had my implant surgery 1yr9mos ago,i went from A to a D, the implants are Mentor smooth moderate profile saline and are over the muscle(even though... READ MORE

Dull Pain Following Breast Implants 2 Years Ago, Should I Be Worried?

I had my BA 2 years ago which are under the muscle. I have recently developed a dull ache under my right implant near where my scar is, they look and... READ MORE

Will Massaging Implants Two Years Post-op Help to Lower the Higher, Harder One?

I had BA 2 years ago and see that one is perfect, while one is higher and harder than the other. My doc never told me or showed me how to massage, but... READ MORE

Why is My Boob Job Getting Smaller?

I had my boobs done about 2 years and 6 months ago it looked perfect, the perfect size. But about 2 months ago ( both boobs) until today I noticed... READ MORE

Is it okay to wear sports bras prodominantly with implants?

I have had my breast implants for 2 1/2 years with no problems. Recently I have been wearing sports bra's more than my regular bra's. I like... READ MORE

Possibly lifted weights too soon after saline implants. One nipple is higher now. Is this capsular contracture? (photo)

I got saline implants November 2009. I weight lift, and probably did chest exercises sooner then I should have. I didn't really notice how one nipple... READ MORE

Is My Breast Augmentation a Result of Over-dissection of the Pocket? (photo)

My photos are pre-op and 2 years post-op. I requested a natural looking, proportionate look. My surgeon advised 475cc high profile saline implants. I... READ MORE

I feel an air bubble in my left boob. Is that possible?

I do not have any pics because you can't really see it. But I can feel it. I have saline implants for almost 2 years now.For the past week I have felt... READ MORE

Large Lump on my Nipple 2 Years After Implants

I got a large lump that is very painful on my nipple where my incision was. I have had it checkout by breastcare specialist and according to the dr it... READ MORE

Is This Normal Movement in Breast Implants? I Have A Very Thin Frame.

I had breast implants 4 years ago, since then I have had them repositioned twice and replaced completely 2 years ago. I have got rippling due to... READ MORE

Implants Shifted in Time Too Far Apart, How Can I Get Them Closer?

I've had implants 3 yrs and at first they were perfect but they shifted towards armpits. Is there a way to get them to shift again back together? READ MORE

Breast Implant Under the Muscle is Hurting and I Feel a Pop?

I have had gel implants under the muscle for almost 2 years. 4 months ago I felt a pop when bending over and now I feel a lot of discomfort and can... READ MORE

Does a Heavy Fall or Tug Cause Ruptures?

Does a heavy fall or any pulling/tugging cause ruptures to a 2yr old sillicon gel implant? Body aching with a sore feeling in my breasts... READ MORE

Are Hives / a Severe Allergic Reaction a Sign of a Ruptured Implant?

I've had implants for two years 34b small side to 34dd (425cc sub muscle). I find when I get warm from excersize or heat my implants start itching... READ MORE

How large of a gap between my breasts is normal when i weight lift? (photos)

Ive had my implants for 2 & a 1/2 years. My breasts fall in a natural place, i wouldnt change a thing. Except for when i'm at the gym. When i do any... READ MORE

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