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Breast Implant Never Dropped? (photo)

Almost 10 months ago I got silicon breast implants. It took the right a long time to drop but it seems it finally has. My left on the other hand still... READ MORE

Why does my scar still look bruised? (photo)

I had surgery 10 months ago, the scar under my right breast still looks bruised / purplish blue how long will this take to fade? The left side has... READ MORE

10 months post. A cup 2 450cc round high profile smooth silicone gel implant, bottoming out, falling 2 sides, dent, fix? (Photo)

Over muscle, crease incisions. Nipples high, implants pulling, falling feeling bottom and sides. Thumb size imprint in R breast. Very soft, I can feel... READ MORE

Pinching pain with a small red line from nipple, what is it? (Photo)

Ten months post op. Had zero problems up until about two weeks ago. Had a Sharp pinch like feeling and found a small discoloration right where the... READ MORE

Can trauma cause breast implants to rupture or cause capsular contracture?

I had under the muscle silicone breast implants 10mths ago. I was bathing my daughter and leaning on my chest on the side of the tub when I heard a... READ MORE

10 months PO, 380 cc on left and 435 on right silicone gel implants. What is wrong with the bottoms of my breasts? (photo)

I had breast implants done 10 months ago 380cc on the left and 435cc on the right silicone gel implants, ever since day one the bottom of my breast... READ MORE

Breast augmentation fluid build up in one breast 10 months post op. Is drainage a fairly safe and easy procedure? (Photo)

I had breast argumentation 10 months ago in Thailand and 1 of my breast is a lot larger than the other. I had a ultrasound done in Australia that... READ MORE

I'm 10 months PO. Are there any issues I should address with my surgeon? Or should I be happy with my results?

I was told I was mildly tuberous pre-op, and was recommended 400cc xhp placed in dual plane. I had wanted a natural look, which I definitely haven't... READ MORE

Hardened Right Breast 10 Month PO?

My right breast got real hard 10 month after breast lift and augment. I just noticed it one day to another. My PS saw me twice and keep me on... READ MORE

It will be a year in March 2015 since I had my Breast Implant w/ Lift & reduction. Why is my skin around the nipple itchy?

My boobs have been very itchy around the nipples more so on my left side.... Is there a reason why? READ MORE

Why do my implants look like this? (Photo)

First pic is me laying down. The breast on the tattoo side has a dent and feels funny whenever i lay down flat. They werent like this before. I am 10... READ MORE

Breasts make a clicking noise when I massage - what is this? (Photo)

My breasts are still hard 10months post op I got 325cc under the muscle. Since they are still hard I have been taking singulair for the past 2 months... READ MORE

I Had Breast Implants 10 Mnths Ago, There are Now 2 Dents Underneath my Nipple, What is This?

I m booked for a lift will this help?   Additional Information Added 1/20/12 I had a crease incision and noticed the dents before... READ MORE

10 months PO, implant not dropping. Suggestions?

250cc high profile silicone allergan under the muscle - (by transform) help!! READ MORE

My left Breast Implant seems to poke out at the bottom. Am I bottoming out or have I already bottomed out? (photos)

Hello im 10months post op never had any issues but recently started to notice my left boob the implant seems to poke out at the bottom more, its only... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned That I Am So Uneven After my BA? (photo)

I had implants Jan '12. My PS decided that I needed 2 diff sized implants to make me even. My left was smaller than my right (I never noticed). I... READ MORE

Can my PS Add 100 More Cc to my Implants?

I recently had a breast augmentation about 9.5 months ago. I am 23 years old, 5'6, 110lbs. I got 240 implants filled to 270. I am undergoing... READ MORE

Are my results acceptable? Or should I seek revision? Is it possible for perky without a lift? (Photo)

10mo post op, 550 cc silicon in both r & l breast. I feel that they look saggy and I am not happy with them not being symmetrical. I would like them... READ MORE

Implants can be ruptured from jet ski?

I've had silicone breast implants for 10 month already. Some days ago I play jet ski and hit the water on my chest. I was wearing life jacket but... READ MORE

My Implants Have Gotten Noticably Smaller Since September 2011?

I had my breasts done with saline in September of 2011 and the past two weeks they have become noticably smaller what can be causing this. READ MORE

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