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Feel Like One Of My Saline Implants Is Slowly Leaking, How Can I Tell For Sure?

My saline implants are only 1 1/2 years old and I feel like the right one is slowly leaking. It is getting smaller than the left one and I ACTUALLY... READ MORE

Signs of Capsular Contracture?

I had submuscular silicone implants put in 1 year ago.My right breast looks and feels great, my left one seems to have start looking like it sticks... READ MORE

1 year post op Breast Augmentation, Is my Implant Bottoming Out?

I had breast augmentation done almost a year ago, and my left breast has always had the incision above my crease. It seems too low and outward. Is my... READ MORE

1 Year Post Breast Implants: Worried I Have Capsular Contracture

A year ago next tuesday 5/10/2010,I had breast implant surgery, 36DD, saline implants, high profile, under the muscle(My left breast was always a half... READ MORE

Breast Implants Expiration?

I had a breast augmentation last year of 2008 of May and i want to know if the implants have an expiration do i need to remove it after years or do... READ MORE

How Do I Know if Breast Implants Are Actually Under the Muscle?

I had my surgies a lil over a year ago, my paper work got messed up & I got saline instead of silicone I paid for & was told they were put... READ MORE

I Had Breast Implants over a Year Ago I Have Servere Pain in my Nipples and Areola

I had breast implants over a year ago now i have servere pain in my nipples abd areola its been a year should i be worried or concerend? READ MORE

Why Does my Implant Look Bad?

How come 15 months post op, my silicone gel implant on my left looks as if its sagging really bad making it look terrible compared to my right? I hate... READ MORE

Cortisone Injection in Breast Implant Incision Cause Thinning of Breast Tissue Among Other Problems? (photo)

I had BA almost 1 year ago (July 18th will be a year.) I had Mentor Silicone Smooth Mod+ Profile Submuscular implants. I went from a 34B to a 34D. The... READ MORE

What to Do if Breast Still Feel Hard and Won't Drop?

Hi, I've had my implants for a year now and they still feel and look fake. they are not as hard from when i first got them but still feel hard and... READ MORE

The Scar Tissue Pocket Around my Implant Has Ruptured. How Can This Be Repaired?

I had implants inserted 1 year ago and have had no issues what so ever. I woke up with pain in my right breast and realized that something was wrong.... READ MORE

Why Are My Implants Becoming Uneven and Saggy?

I had my implants over a year ago and they are just becoming awful they are uneven and sagging and lean into my armpits when I lay down, what could be... READ MORE

Closed Capsulotomy?

I'm one year postop. My PS has recommended a closed capsulotomy, along with medication. My concern is that the cc will return. I was hoping to... READ MORE

Right Implant Feels Different 1 Year Post Op B to D Cup? Saline, High Profile. (photo)

My implants took me from a B to a D cup. I have a small frame (5'3" 105lbs). I was happy with them until about a year ago when I noticed my right... READ MORE

Breast Implants Not Filling in Front of Chest Wall, Implants Fall on Sides (Lying Down) more then Staying in Front? (photo)

Breast implants done almost a yr ago was aa cup got 335 cc ment to make me a full d.. my ps will fix my scars as they r low..but told me that she cant... READ MORE

I Had Implants 18 Months Ago, I Now Have Pain in Shoulders , Could this be Related?

I'm just experiencing pain in shoulders and upper arms....can this be related to the implants READ MORE

Folds Appearing 1 Year Post Silicone Breast Implants, What's The Cause?

I've had my silicone implants for a little over a year. I recently noticed the skin under my right breast felt tight. When I lift my arms you can... READ MORE

What Does It Mean if One of Your Breast is Hard and the Other is Soft?

My mom had transplants a year ago and her right breast is hard and the left one is soft. She also said her right arm feels different almost weak... READ MORE

Breast Implants Incision is Opening, Is this Normal? (photo)

I been having brest implants for a year. Couple of months ago i send a email to my doctor that stays in Mexico. He said it was nothing to worry that... READ MORE

I Have Had a Ruptured Saline Inplant for a Year. Is This Safe?

Is it safe to leave a ruptured implant in your body? Saline READ MORE

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