Breast Implant Revision Videos

Breast Revision: What Is Acellular Dermal Matrix and How Is It Used?

Dr. Robert Caridi explains what acellular dermal matrix is and how it's used. He highlights the physical characteristics, composition, and different uses in surgery. VIEW NOW

Breast Implant Education and Awareness: Implants Don't Last Forever

Dr. Jeffrey Antimarino speaks with a prospective breast revision candidate, explaining common problems women experience with breast implants over 10 years old and new implant products that are now available. VIEW NOW


The Doctor Answers Commonly Asked Questions About Breast Implants and Breast Lifts

Dr. Robert Brueck answers commonly asked questions regarding breast implants and breast lifts. Learn about the difference between saline and silicone implants and additional information on breast lifts. VIEW NOW

Breast Implant Exchange: Treating Capsular Contracture and Breast Asymmetry (GRAPHIC)

After three previous procedures, this woman was left with capsular contracture and breast asymmetry. Dr. Kevin Tehrani performs a capsulectomy, a breast lift and an implant exchange to give her more natural symmetrical and healthy breasts. VIEW NOW

Q&A: How Often Do Breast Implants Need to Be Changed?

Dr. Alex Campbell explains how often breast implants should be changed and some common scenarios where women can consider a revision surgery to modify results from their first procedure. VIEW NOW

Why Do People Avoid Correcting a Bad Surgery?

Some people experience a complication or unattractive result from their surgeries and end up avoiding a revision procedure. Dr. Malik Kutty talks about what he calls "second-chance" plastic surgery. VIEW NOW

Breast Implants Before Having a Child

Dr. Paul Fortes discusses breast implants and the effect that having children will have on them. VIEW NOW

Breast Implants Move Too Much: What Are the Causes and How Can It Be Fixed?

Dr. Robert Caridi demonstrates the condition of excessive movement of breast implants and how this issue can be revised. VIEW NOW

Learn About Capsulectomy and Breast Implant Replacement

Dr. Jonathan Staiano talks about why you may need your implants replaced and shows examples of what a breast capsule is and what capsular contracture is. VIEW NOW

Should Breast Implants Go Above or Below the Muscle?

Dr. Jonathan Staiano talks about the pros and cons of putting breast implants above or below the muscle and why you may want to choose one plane over another. VIEW NOW

Breast Implants: Same cc, Different Profiles

Dr. Lily Lee illustrates how breast implants can have the same cc as others, but the implant profiles should be equally important to consider. VIEW NOW

Breast Implant Revision: Why She Switched to Silicone Implants After 10 Years of Saline Implants

Dr. Brian Windle shares this video of a woman who discusses her experience with her new Sientra breast implants and how much better they are than her old saline breast implants, as well as her rapid recovery from the procedure. VIEW NOW

Contracted Breast Implants: Are Your Implants Overly Tight, Firm or Hard?

Dr. Robert Caridi discusses why some breast implants become contracted. He explains the signs of a condition called capsular contracture as well as what can be done to fix it. VIEW NOW

Breast Implant Removal and Lift

Dr. Nicholas Tarola describes reasons to perform the removal of breast implants, or implant deflation, separately from a breast lift. VIEW NOW

Learn About Rippling in Saline Breast Implants

What causes rippling in breast implants, particularly saline breast implants? Dr. Robert Caridi explains why breast implants ripple and how the rippling may show in a breast augmentation. VIEW NOW