DD To C Cup + Breast Implant Revision

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450cc Hp Implants Too Large for Frame, Need to Downsize Before Lift Compromised

I had anchor lift/aug 2.5 mos ago wanting a full c/small d cup. My ps put in 450cc hp while on the table "to fill up my skin" as others... READ MORE

Implants too large. Was 34B, 350 silicone. Now 34DD. HATE them. Do I need a lift? How much to downsize to be a large C? (Photo)

Trying to sort out size of implant required to go down 1 1/2 sizes ? Will I need 250cc? 200cc ? to achieve a large C? Will I need a lift regardless of... READ MORE

Breast Reduction or Lift when Reducing Implants from DD Cups to C Cups?

When i was 17 I had breast implants which where far too big for my frame ( i went from a AA to a DD) 12yrs later I am now suffering with back pain and... READ MORE

Implant Size/type for Revision to Go Smaller and Avoid Bottoming out in 50 Yo? (photo)

Surgery 2004. 400 saline mods o/f to 425, 34DD. 5’ 7,” 125-130 lbs. size 4, large ribcage (32”), broad shoulders. Left implant... READ MORE

Can I Go from Implants Size D or DD to Small C?

I currently have breast implants size D- or DD looks like. I am wanting to change them for Size Small C. My questions are: 1- Will I need to have two... READ MORE

Reducing breast implant size. 36DD to 36C. Possible?

I had saline breast implants 7 yrs ago. I want to have them replaced but I want to go smaller. Currently 36DD I want to be 36C. Is this possible? READ MORE

Where can I see photos of breast implant replacement that reduced from a DD cup to a full C cup?

I am a DD and would like to go down to a full C. I'm medium to small frame 132 5 feet 3 inches. I always felt my breast looked large for my frame and... READ MORE

Downsizing and adding a lift 360 to 275? (photos)

I currently have 330 filled to 360 HP in and I HATE them. They are huge and heavy and saggy. I met with my PS and we decided to downsize to 275 mod... READ MORE

Would switching from Natrelle style 20 400cc to Natrelle style 15 265cc take me down a cup size?

Im currently a 6 weeks post op and measuring a 30dd which is way to big. I would like to be a 32C/30D at most. Im 5ft2 110lbs I measure 29" just under... READ MORE

Recommendation Dr. specializes in revision breast surgery.

I will need to have another breast surgery. Had on years ago. I have rippling in the cleavage areas and a double bubble on the left breast. This issue... READ MORE

Surgery tomorrow. 240cc or 270cc?

I currently have implants that are 339cc and they are way too big for me. I'm a DD. I never intended for that to happen. I'm going back tomorrow after... READ MORE

Breast lift and reduction after augmentation 11 years ago, 2 kids and over 5 years combined breastfeeding.

I went from a 32AA to a 32D via high profile saline behind the muscle not sure about CCs. I was also very skinny, about 100 lbs. I know it is getting... READ MORE

I have had breast surgery before many years ago. . I'm looking for the name of an implant that gives a major fullness,

I understand there are implants for projectile and others for fullness. I'm not interested in attaining big breasts. I'm now a 36 double D. I would... READ MORE

I am replacing my 525cc implants with smaller ones. What type of implants and what size should I get? (Photos)

I am very petite. I am tired of my 32DDs, ideally I would like to be a small C cup. I was told by one Doctor the smallest I could go was 300, and by... READ MORE

How to go from a DD to a C cup?

I want to remove my 475cc implants, 12 years old, that make me a DD cup to a C cup. How many CC's should the new implant's be to go from DD Cup to a C... READ MORE

I want to go smaller with breast revision surgery. From a DD to a C cup. Any suggestions?

If I am currently a double D with 475cc implants and I want to go smaller with breast revision surgery, and the dr suggested 355cc's, roughly, how... READ MORE

I'm looking to have a breast procedure that'll fix my breast lift that I got in 2013. Any suggestions?

I got a breast lift in 2013. Since then, my breast have fallen back down and my areolas are even bigger than they were before. I'm looking for a... READ MORE

Anchor scar?

Hi everyone, I am currently in process of trying to get a breast revision because I am hating my dd's. I am currently a 32dd/ddd and I want to make... READ MORE

Can I get my implants taken out, breasts lifted and a smaller implant put in all in one surgery?

I am pregnant with my 3rd child and I already know I want smaller breasts after all is said and done. When I am not pregnant I am between a size D and... READ MORE

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