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450cc Hp Implants Too Large for Frame, Need to Downsize Before Lift Compromised

I had anchor lift/aug 2.5 mos ago wanting a full c/small d cup. My ps put in 450cc hp while on the table "to fill up my skin" as others... READ MORE

Implants too large. Was 34B, 350 silicone. Now 34DD. HATE them. Do I need a lift? How much to downsize to be a large C? (Photo)

Trying to sort out size of implant required to go down 1 1/2 sizes ? Will I need 250cc? 200cc ? to achieve a large C? Will I need a lift regardless of... READ MORE

Breast Reduction or Lift when Reducing Implants from DD Cups to C Cups?

When i was 17 I had breast implants which where far too big for my frame ( i went from a AA to a DD) 12yrs later I am now suffering with back pain and... READ MORE

Implant Size/type for Revision to Go Smaller and Avoid Bottoming out in 50 Yo? (photo)

Surgery 2004. 400 saline mods o/f to 425, 34DD. 5’ 7,” 125-130 lbs. size 4, large ribcage (32”), broad shoulders. Left implant... READ MORE

Reducing breast implant size. 36DD to 36C. Possible?

I had saline breast implants 7 yrs ago. I want to have them replaced but I want to go smaller. Currently 36DD I want to be 36C. Is this possible? READ MORE

Can I Go from Implants Size D or DD to Small C?

I currently have breast implants size D- or DD looks like. I am wanting to change them for Size Small C. My questions are: 1- Will I need to have two... READ MORE

Where can I see photos of breast implant replacement that reduced from a DD cup to a full C cup?

I am a DD and would like to go down to a full C. I'm medium to small frame 132 5 feet 3 inches. I always felt my breast looked large for my frame and... READ MORE

Downsizing and adding a lift 360 to 275? (photos)

I currently have 330 filled to 360 HP in and I HATE them. They are huge and heavy and saggy. I met with my PS and we decided to downsize to 275 mod... READ MORE

Would switching from Natrelle style 20 400cc to Natrelle style 15 265cc take me down a cup size?

Im currently a 6 weeks post op and measuring a 30dd which is way to big. I would like to be a 32C/30D at most. Im 5ft2 110lbs I measure 29" just under... READ MORE

Surgery tomorrow. 240cc or 270cc?

I currently have implants that are 339cc and they are way too big for me. I'm a DD. I never intended for that to happen. I'm going back tomorrow after... READ MORE

Recommendation Dr. specializes in revision breast surgery.

I will need to have another breast surgery. Had on years ago. I have rippling in the cleavage areas and a double bubble on the left breast. This issue... READ MORE

I am replacing my 525cc implants with smaller ones. What type of implants and what size should I get? (Photos)

I am very petite. I am tired of my 32DDs, ideally I would like to be a small C cup. I was told by one Doctor the smallest I could go was 300, and by... READ MORE

Breast lift and reduction after augmentation 11 years ago, 2 kids and over 5 years combined breastfeeding.

I went from a 32AA to a 32D via high profile saline behind the muscle not sure about CCs. I was also very skinny, about 100 lbs. I know it is getting... READ MORE

I want to go smaller with breast revision surgery. From a DD to a C cup. Any suggestions?

If I am currently a double D with 475cc implants and I want to go smaller with breast revision surgery, and the dr suggested 355cc's, roughly, how... READ MORE

I have had breast surgery before many years ago. . I'm looking for the name of an implant that gives a major fullness,

I understand there are implants for projectile and others for fullness. I'm not interested in attaining big breasts. I'm now a 36 double D. I would... READ MORE

Hi, I am 27 years old and have had implants (325cc hp). I want to reduce them to 200cc. Should I wait after having children?

I was originally 32B and wanted to be 32C... unfortunately, I am now 32DD (same brand for all sizes mentioned). I want to go back to 32C assuming that... READ MORE

Had a breast lift w/ implant exchange 3 years ago. I have 375cc moderate silicone. (photos)

Not happy w/ lack of upper pole fullness. Would I benefit from a ultra high profile implant. Thinking about replacing implants to high profile... READ MORE

How to go from a DD to a C cup?

I want to remove my 475cc implants, 12 years old, that make me a DD cup to a C cup. How many CC's should the new implant's be to go from DD Cup to a C... READ MORE

Can I downsize from 34DD implant size to C implant size without a lift and it look nice?

I got implants about 5 years ago. I started out at an A cup and am now a 34 DD. I want to be a C cup as its more natural. I'm 5'7" and weigh about 130... READ MORE

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