Burning + Breast Implant Removal

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I Want my Implants Removed They Hurt Alot but I Don't Have the Money to Pay and Financing is Not an Option...Any Advice?

I had my implants with a breast lift done about 5 years ago. For the past year i have been wanting them removed because they are way to large for my... READ MORE

Can a Ruptured Silicone Breast Implant Cause a High White Cell Count?

I got implants in 83, for several months I have been having a burning pain in my breast, the shape has not changed at all. For years I have always had... READ MORE

Intentional Breast Implant Deflation Leaving Shells Intact?

Today I had an intentional breast deflation leaving the shell intact. On my left breast at the bottom the valve is poking my skin and causing a... READ MORE

I have a burning pain behind my right shoulder blade since getting implants, will this resolve upon explanting?

I have a burning sensation behind my right shoulder blade that flares up about weekly ever since getting my breast implants 3yrs ago. I also have a... READ MORE

What is the proper way to remove saline breast implants when due to illness?

I have saline smooth breast implants under the muscle had them implanted in 2004. I was fine for 5-6 yrs. then i began to have strange back pain... READ MORE

I have eye pain after breast implant removal explant. Any suggestions?

I was put under anesthesia and the very same day my inner eye started burning and hurting. The area seems to be a normal color of pale pink, sometimes... READ MORE

I want my saline implants removed, no replacement & a lift done at the same time. Surgery length & recovery time? (photo)

I believe they are making me sick (joint/muscle pain, mild burning sensation, "tired/foggy" feeling with no other explanation for these symptoms). I'm... READ MORE

Ruptured implant after 37 years. I have burning on left side. Should I have them removed and not replaced?

Bilateral breast prostheses, with clear evidence for intracapsular and extracapsular rupture of the left breast implant. Large T2 hyperintense left... READ MORE

I have burning & tenderness after explant. How long will it last?

Approximately how long will burning & very tender last after explant, total capsulectomy , leaking silicone removed & lift ? I will ask my PS but I... READ MORE

Breast implant removal with out lift. Any suggestions?

I am a 30-year-old woman with three kids who is looking to get my breast implants removed one is extremely painful with lots of rippling and burning... READ MORE

Burning sensation, 7 weeks after explant. Is this normal?

Hi ladies has anyone had an off and on burning sensation after explant? I'm about 7 weeks post op. Last week no pain, then woke up in the middle night... READ MORE

Burning or stinging pain after explant. Is this normal?

I had my breast implants removed 3 weeks ago. They were saline over the muscle. About a week ago, I started to feel a burning or stinging in the... READ MORE

Would I be able to approach the NHS with regard to an implant removal?

I am 31, I had a breast aug in 2007. I've since had 3 kids and now have back pain that I medicate myself with paracetamol and ibuprofen. I have... READ MORE

Burning sensations 6 days post explant, when bending over. Why does it happen?

I had an explant with total capsulectomy. How long do these burning sensations last? I am on day 6, post explant. Seems like mostly when I bend over... READ MORE

How long does it take to breast tissue to stop hurting after explant?

I had explant 3 weeks ago. My breast tissue, (not my muscle or incisions) still hurts. One seems fine, a little burning and stinging pain. The other... READ MORE

I'm going in next week for ruptured saline implant removal; I've had them for 20 years. Options?

I've been feeling a burning pain in the left breast accompanying with back pain as well only on left side like in back of my breast READ MORE

Why 6 months after implant removal do I still have burning sensations and pains on the side that was ruptured?

I explanted my Mem double lumen ( full capsulotomy) and still have burning sensation & I get electrical shock pains down into my toe and often in my... READ MORE

Implant removal uk?

I had novagold hydrogel implants in 1999 which were banned from future use in 2000. I feel I had capsular contraction since the beginning but after... READ MORE

I am having a burning pain in left breast 2 years after implants were removed. What could be causing this?

I had breast implants for over 10 years and was told I could possibly have ALCL and needed to have my implants removed. After going into surgery the... READ MORE

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