2 Months Post-op + Breast Implant Removal

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Likely Results of Explant?

I have spoken to a psychologist and we determined that I was not mentally prepared for breast augmentation and I prefer to be back to my natural state... READ MORE

Can deformed breast from explant be corrected? (Photo)

I had my implant out 2 months ago, It has left my right breast deformed. Can this be corrected without another implant? The implants were in for 14... READ MORE

Outcome of Implant Removal After 9 Weeks?

I had my 300cc silicone unders removed 6 days ago. I had the removed after only 9 weeks. I was a small but perky B before removal. My PS seemed... READ MORE

Breast Implants, Result After 8 Weeks, Too Small.

BA done 8 weeks ago. Size prior 34c, after tight 34c. 375cc put in. I'm 5'0, 135 lbs. I was hoping for a LARGER size post op and healing. They... READ MORE

I Can't Get Rid of Infection Even After Breast Implant Has Been Removed?

I had a breast implant removed 2 months after surgery due to the infection. I interrupted anti-biotic 5 days after the emergency surgery to remove the... READ MORE

Implant Removal After 9 Wks?

9 wks ago I had 420cc Saline Under Muscles placed with areola incision at 7 wks post op developed suture abscess then at 9 wks post op developed... READ MORE

Can Breast Fold Asymmetry Be Corrected Without Placing Implants?

I had an explant due to recurrent capsular contracture in my right side. I am two months post op. The fold on the right side has now moved upward. The... READ MORE

I have muscle deformity after Breast implant removal. Will it get better, or will I need further surgery? (Photo)

I had my breast implants removed 7 weeks ago after only having them for 11 weeks. They look almost the same as they did before my BA I was barely an A... READ MORE

Incision Line After Breast Implant Removal?

I had my breast implant surgery last july 2011.It didn't go well.Right incision got infected,had to removed the implant 3 weeks after.I was on... READ MORE

7.5 weeks post explant after an unhappy revision in Jan 14, revision included capsulectomy for CC and implant exchange (Photo)

Hi,Following my explant I am having some issues with my areola folding underneath my nipple. When I am cold the outer edge of the areola also has some... READ MORE

Is a Capsulectomy Medically Necessary? What is the Risk of Not Having It?

I had 24 year old implants removed 2 months ago. In the last couple of weeks, a hard knot almost the size of a small lime has developed near the top... READ MORE

Possible fluid in breast 2 months post-op?

I had breast implants removed 2 months ago. Is it possible to develop fluid at this point? What happens if I don't drain the fluid? My breast appear... READ MORE

How soon may I remove my breast implants and how risky is it 9 weeks after previous surgery?

I would like to remove my breast implants , had them inserted 7 weeks ago along with other procedures totaling 4 hours of general anesthesia. Two... READ MORE

It has been 8 weeks after implant removal and lift. Will my breasts drop down and stop puckering? (photos)

Nipple on right is not centered like the one on left and the stitch around the areola is larger than the areola. Also other nipple is pointing... READ MORE

How long does it take for breasts to settle after breast implant removal and lift? (photos)

It's been 10 weeks since I had my implants removed with a breast lift. My nipples are pointing downwards and look like snouts. The left breast has an... READ MORE

Can I Remove Axiallary Without Damaging Them?

I had these put in two months ago axiallary and from day two I've found them to be too big for my body, I have found a slight knot on one breast that... READ MORE

Breast Aug Nerve Damage/Explant 2-6-13?

Hello Doctors, I've had a breast augmentation 8 years ago that has caused me painful stinging & numbness (similar to a C-sec) all these years. I... READ MORE

I have pain 2 months after explantation. Is this normal?

I had 425cc silicone implants (too large-DR's fault) and had them explanted via en bloc. I am still sore but all over the breasts not just one... READ MORE

Wanting an explant 7 weeks post op. nothing wrong physically, just really unhappy with look and feel. Any suggestion?

Got 205cc smooth round mod profile silicon sub muscular implants just over 7 weeks ago. Really unhappy as not what i expected. results are ok, but I'm... READ MORE

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