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Wearing Bra After Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer?

Hi, I had breast enlargement with fat transfer. I am 6 weeks post op. I feel good. I think I've been healing pretty well (when I read other ppl posts)... READ MORE

1 month post op 550 saline and my left breast feels super soft but my left feels hard. Is this capsular contraction?

I am now 6 weeks post op saline implants under the muscle 550 ccs. My right breast is so squishy and already so fluffy when you squeeze it feels like... READ MORE

Smoking 6 weeks after breast lift and fat transfer?

Hi. I know you get asked a lot of questions about smoking. I gave up before my op and plan to not smoke until 6 weeks po. I will be 4 weeks po on... READ MORE

6 weeks ago post-op: My toddler just accidentally fell on my breast.

My toddler accidentally fell on my left breast. I just had a lollypop lift with a fat transfer 6 weeks ago. She squished my left breast will this... READ MORE

My brother accidentally hit me with his elbow and it hurt at the time. Do you think I'll lose more fat?

I put brava on in hope it might stabilise the fat. The breast hurts a little. But they both hurt from time to Time. I'm 6 weeks after fat transfer READ MORE

Can fat grafting to breasts cause regeneration of nerve endings to regain sensation after previous surgical breast procedure?

I had mastopexy in 2015, my left breast had dehiscence at invented T, took 4 months to granulate in and close, and,amazingly,healed well enough that I... READ MORE

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