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Yellow Liquid Coming from Incision 2weeks After BA?

Im 2wks post op ba, and noticed one of my stitches on the beginning of the incision is poking through. All the rest have dissolved. I had my incision... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture, Leaking Fluid 11 Months After Breast Augmentation - Normal? Cost?

From my review: I recently noticed yellow fluid would come out of my right nipple. I later found out that I have Capsular contraction on my right... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, left breast swelled overnight, now leaking a clear liquid with a yellow tinge. what is this/caused this?

I had infection in my right incision last wk, on antibotics and, healing well. i became ill yesterday fever and aches all over, i woke this morning... READ MORE

There's a hole in my areola incision line.. Why won't it close?

Its so unsightly.... Doc said not infected. But there is yellow tissue in the opening.. I have to clean twice per day dress and keep covered....why us... READ MORE

Yellowish Discharge, Pinkish Breast 6 Days Post Breast Aug?

I am 6 days post op. I have a small amount of yellowish discharge out of my crease incision. Also my breast seems to be a little pink. Just slightly... READ MORE

Is this a stitch abscess? I'm 2 weeks post op (Photo)

I'm 2 weeks ba post op, left breast is leaking yellow fluid. I have no fever and no pain, I'm on 3rd course of antibiotic. Leaking post op was pinkish... READ MORE

Bright yellow skin after breast augmentation. Is this normal?

Hello, I am 4 days po and noticed yellow marks on my sternum and around the side of me breasts. Some of it surrounds my bruising, and some does not. I... READ MORE

is it normal to have pain and green/yellow area, under my breast, after my surgery breast aug? I'm 1 week post op (Photo)

I had my breast augmentation 7 days ago. I have a lot of persistent pain especially in my right breast day 5-6-7 I noticed that I have a Swelling in... READ MORE

YELLOWING & PAIN Around Aereola/incisions? (infection/normal)? (photo)

Hey I just had a bilateral breast lift with saline implant under muscle went from small C to 480ccs(04-22-13)I love them but I'm having shocks of pain... READ MORE

My incision came undone. I have an appointment with my Doctor next week. Does it look infected? (photo)

I am cleaning it with saline solution twice a day and applying neosporin the covering it with gauze. My doctor is out of the country right now, and I... READ MORE

After Surgery I Had a Hematoma and Now What Appears is a Slit Leaking Yellow Fluid. What's Going On?

I have no other symptoms other then previous hematoma and a month ago had a horribly painful muscle spasm. The incision site under the fold looks as... READ MORE

4 weeks post op when this started. What does this look like? Stitch abscess? Help! (Photos)

It has been exactly one week since my nipple became red. Slowly got worse. Never any fever or chills. Then by day 4 I noticed a thin yellow line under... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a yellowish discharge, with no smell, at the incision site of breast augmentation?

I had breast augmentation 4 days ago and have recovered quite well as far as swelling and soreness. Last night I noticed some discharge on my... READ MORE

I have a medium growth staph infection appear 8 weeks post op. My question is, what is the likelihood of the implant removal?

I have had constant weeping and a small hole in my left breast since 3 weeks post op, my left breast recovered fine. 1 week ago I became very Ill and... READ MORE

Yellow fluid from left nipple with level II CC what role does it play and when will it stop? (photos)

I am 3 months p/o silicon behind the muscle 3 weeks ago I was dx'd w/ level II cc. I do compression massages but when I do hand massages a yellow... READ MORE

3 weeks post Breast Augmentation with yellow tissue/separation on T junction. Is this normal?

3 weeks post op tomorrow anchor breast lift with 650/600 cc mentor implants subglandular! Everything is healing great except the dreaded T junction on... READ MORE

Is yellow drainage a normal part of the wound healing process after a Breast Augmentation? (photos)

My incision tore in the junction under my right breast after an anchor lift. Surgery was done on Aug2 and the tear developed a few weeks after. I have... READ MORE

Can a small hematoma be yellow with no purple? (photo)

I understand that hematomas often cause assymmetry, swelling of the affected side, purple bruising, etc but what about minor hematomas? Can a hematoma... READ MORE

Should I be concerned? Yellow puss (Photo)

For the last 2 days I've noticed a yellow drainage from different areas on my incisions of both breasts. I don't have a fever, and they're not hot to... READ MORE

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