Yellow Liquid Coming from Incision 2weeks After BA?

Im 2wks post op ba, and noticed one of my stitches on the beginning of the incision is poking through. All the rest have dissolved. I had my incision halfway around the nipple . The spot where the stitch is poking straight out has a small hole that has been leaking a bit of yellow fluid of water consistancy for 4-5 days. Wat shld i do Do i need to cut my trip short and fly home. No pain swelling or redness, but certain movements make it feel raw at the hole. My ps is on vaca for 6days:( hellp!

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Stitch spitting

It  sounds like a stitch is spiting from the suture line. you may want to touch base with your surgeon for an evaluation just to make sure that is all it is.

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Spitting a stitch

It sounds like you are spitting a stitch - also called a "stitch abscess".  It is treated by removal of the suture - and then it usually heals up without a problem.  Not typically a big deal when handled correctly.  Call your surgeon's office and speak with his nurse or covering physician.  Perhaps a local MD could also see you, together with a telephone consultation from your PS's office.

Thomas Fiala, MD
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Stitch Abscess after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question.

What you are describing is most consistent with a “stitch abscess".  Typically, the stitch makes its way to the surface of the skin  and is associated with some drainage as well as the small opening that you describe. The process tends to be self-limiting.

Hopefully, you will not need to cut your trip short fund may be able to communicate with your plastic surgeon or the covering physician via e-mailed pictures.

I hope this helps.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Wound problem 2 weeks after breast augmentation

It sounds as if you may have an infected stitch that needs to be explored and/or removed.  This can usually be done in the office setting.  Another explanation would be a small seroma ( fluid collection) below the wound.    This would need to be opened and drained.    Your surgeon would need to check that the fluid is not coming from around the implant below.  This would possibly represent an implant infection.  I would consult your Plastic Surgeon's covering physician while he is out of town.  This should be evaluated within 24 hours.

Scott Chapin, MD, FACS
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Need to have the suture knot removed to clear up the problem

It appears that you have a suture knot that has become infected and worked its way to the surface.  The suture needs to be removed.  Once removed the area will heal normally.   All that is required at this point is to have the sutures, which at this point are acting like a foreign body, removed and proper wound care.  If you develop an invasive infection then antibiotics are required.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Yellow Liquid Coming from Incision 2weeks After BA?

If your plastic surgeon is on vacation, he/she will certainly have someone covering call and you really should call to see who can see you. 

Jonathan Ross Berman, M.D. , F.A.C.S.

Jonathan Berman, MD
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