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Post-op Use of Vitamin E?

Although some people recommend Vitamin E to possibly prevent capsular contracture, I have read that Vitamin E is a blood thinner. At what point after... READ MORE

Why no vitamin E before surgery? How long before should I stop?

I thought taking the vitamin E was good to help your skin bounce back from trauma of surgery etc. Why should I stop taking it before surgery? What... READ MORE

How long does it usually take for someone to see results from accolate, vitamin E, and massage? Level II Capsular Contracture.

I was dx'd with level II CC on my left breast and I have been taking accolate, vitamin E, and massaging. It softens up A LOT when I get home heat pack... READ MORE

Vit E Post Op?

I am really upset. I have tried to be so careful but I misread my discharge papers and it said to take vit e post op so I asked my husband to go get... READ MORE

Should I be concerned or is it too early? (photos)

I am 7 weeks post op. I had 375 silicone under the muscle. The left breast seems to be dropping nicely but the right doesn't. It still looks... READ MORE

Have You Ever Recommended Vitamin E and Ibruproben for Incapulars in Breast?

I noticed last week that I had a painful, tender spot with fever in it on the side of my breast, I had a couple of days later my GP gave me... READ MORE

3 wks post op breast lift with implants. Is it a good time to start Singulair and vit E to prevent capsular contracture? (Photo)

I am almost 3 weeks post op BA with BL. Last 10 days, I've been putting out fires, one at a time. My bigger hematoma (190cc) has considerably shrinked... READ MORE

Will vitamin E, aleve and warm compresses reduce swelling in left boob? If not, what can be done to resolve issue? (Photo)

I saw surgeon at 13 days post op and he advised it was strained tissue and to take Aleve and apply warm compresses and not to massage, 19 days post op... READ MORE

I have severe pain from fibrocystic breast. The pain is unbelievable. Would implants help ease it?

I was diagnosed at the 20 with what I was told to be a genetic condition. The pain is all month. When I see my doctor, all he tells me is that its the... READ MORE

My left breast isn't dropping. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a breast aug a month ago. My left breast isn't dropping. I wear a strap, I take vitamin E, and I massage both. Will I need another surgery?? READ MORE

Am I experience an earlier stage of capsule contracture after being few weeks away from one year since breast surgery? (photos)

2 weeks ago I experience some pain in my right breast. Then I started to notice change in the look and filling. It seems like the silicone went up,... READ MORE

My incision site feels like there is a small rope all along the site. It is quite firm and slightly tender. Is this normal? (pho

Is this normal to feel at week 2? I also have mondors cord. Will the rope thing dissipate? Is there I can do to reduce or help it heal? What dose of... READ MORE

Are there any precautions I can take to help prevent capsular contracture?

I just got my BA a month ago and I've read tons of forums talking about capsular contracture. Some mention taking vitamin E as a way to help prevent... READ MORE

Does Vitamin E after Breast Augmentation help? How many units can one take in a day?

Hi I have read from other women that Vitamin E helped in preventing and even overcoming capsular contracture. Some take 1000 IU per day and some 2000... READ MORE

Is any of this normal ? (photos)

Im 2 month post op. I think the skin has lifted between my breast. I also have a double double breast thing going on. It looks like I have a breast on... READ MORE

I'd like some help conceding this fold on my right breast and how I can help this? (photos)

I got my implants about a year ago and recently started noticing a bump on my right breast so I'm starting to worry it sort of hurts when I wear a bra... READ MORE

Is it safe to take 4000 IU vitamin E per day for 30 days? (Photo)

6-7 weeks post op 300 cc silicone gel sub muscular. Left side developed contracture at least my surgeons nurse believe so. She already broke open the... READ MORE

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