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Unhappy with 400cc Implants Post Op 10 Weeks. What To Do?

10 weeks post op with my 400cc silicone high profile implants, and I am unhappy with their size. They are MUCH smaller than I wanted them to be, I am... READ MORE

Extremely underdeveloped breasts. Is it normal?

I'm going to be 17 in 3 months and I'm really worried my breast aren't just small, but underdeveloped, or maybe they are developed but just weirdly... READ MORE

Why Do my Breasts Look Very Funny After Surgery, Smaller and Spaced Apart? (photo)

I got my BA two days ago, I know its still kind of early but I'm really scared. I really wanted cleavage(naural looking) but my ps said that my... READ MORE

Why my Breast Still Look Small After 410 & 420 Cc HP Saline Under the Muscles? (photo)

I had my op sept 13, I'm 3 days post op and find them small. At my ps when I tried the 400 cc I found it was too big, but I decided to go a little... READ MORE

2 Days Post Op BA and I Feel They're Too Small. What Can I Expect From The Final Result?

So i am 2 days post op,i recieved 470cc(R) and 475(L) in order to achieve a 450cc look i got smooth round HP under the muscle.with a crease incision.... READ MORE

Breast Implants Were Supposed to Be C's but I Feel Like They Are B's? (photo)

I'm 21 years old. 5'9 Per op: 34a I went with a 520 cc saline under the muscle and I feel like I am only a B. I wanted to be a full c or small d. I... READ MORE

No Swelling After Transaxillary Breast Augmentation?

I am currently 4 days post-op from a transaxillary breast augmentation. I had 240/270 implants placed, and I am worried that if the results shrink... READ MORE

Too Small Breast Augmentation? (photo)

6 months post b/a & very unhappy with results,to point that i'm depressed/embarassed about it. At consult PS said mod profile would give me a nice... READ MORE

Wanting a D Cup, But Results Don't Seem To Fit My Needs. Will They Get Bigger? (photo)

I just had breast augmentation this past Wednesday the 14th and I was hoping to be a small D. My original cup size was 34 B and I have 330C implants.... READ MORE

I Am Not Happy with my 450cc Implants. I Shouldve Gone for 550cc or 575cc at Least? (photo)

I have had the surgery in the GC Australia. I havent ask my surgeon but do surgeons put in new ones for a discounted price? I am really not happy with... READ MORE

My Implants Don't Look Big Enough and It Doesn't Seem Like I Even Have Them Why? (photo)

Most Women I See with 650 Are Huge & Round Why? I had my BA August 6 I got 650hp silicone under the muscle, I am a pretty thick women I'm 5'11 and... READ MORE

Why my Breast Doesn't Look That Big After 420cc & 410cc?

I finally had my surgery, yesterday sept 13. I got 410 in the right breast & 420cc in the left one. But I don't find them as big as when I tried... READ MORE

My bra size is 40DD (for left) and 40C or 38D for right. Do I have tubular breast deformity? (Photo)

It looks like I have classic signs of tubular breast deformity, but I am not sure. Despite having an average bra size, in terms of proportion they... READ MORE

I Had a BA One Week Ago and Had 450cc and They Are Looking Small to Me? (photo)

I had a BA one week ago. I had 450cc silicone gel implants put in, nehind the muscle. I was previously an a/b cup size. They don't look half as big as... READ MORE

Why aren't my 700 cc implants big enough? (Photo)

I am 2 weeks post op with 700 cc Smooth Round Ultra HP under the muscle plus a Benelli lift. I was a small A cup before my surgery. I've been super... READ MORE

Is it normal to get depression after breast augmentation that didn't meet your expectations? (Photo)

I was 32 AA. I got 350cc silicone- hig profile. I am a week pos. I wanted to get a C cup with 375-400cc implants but my doctor didnt want to because... READ MORE

I'm 21 Years Old, 5'9, 140lbs. I Just Had Breast Implants and I Feel Small?

So pre-op I was 34-36A. I went with 520cc. I was hoping to end up with full c's or small d's. It's only been two days but my breasts look very far... READ MORE

Are my breasts too small after surgery? (Photo)

I had a surgery two weeks ago. 440 cc and 470 cc silicone under the muscle. I was 36B before. I know I should not be judging the results so soon but... READ MORE

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