Tear + Breast Augmentation

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Can a Muscle Tear Occur from Receiving a "Bear Hug" After Breast Augmentation?

I had breast augmentation 4 yrs ago. Recently I was injured when I received a "bear hug". Two days later I started to experience... READ MORE

I am a competitive athlete, will a breast augmentation affect my body from intense exercise (once fully healed)?

I do high intensity sports, will a breast augmentation affect me from being able to be rough on my body athletically? will I be able to do all forms... READ MORE

Ripped Scar Tissue After Breast Surgery?

22 days P Op. Threw a rock and I felt something rip. My breast moves more and feels heavy. No swelling just some pain and constant sensation. What... READ MORE

What Happens if Muscle Fibers Have Torn 17 Days After a BA? What Will Make Blood Dissipate?

Muscles may have been torn from arms painfully forced staight above head and down vigorously 17 days after b.a. by p.s. checking range of motion after... READ MORE

I Had Augmentation & Lift 3 Years Ago. Experienced Capsular Tear, And Still Have Discomfort. What To Do?

I had augmentation, under muscle, Mentor, with lift, 430 cc about 3 years ago. September 2011 I woke up with 70% of my right breast bruised. It was... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation & Slight Trip Jerked Arm Forward

Breast Augmentation March 26th, I caught my slipper on the step it caused me to jerk forward with my right arm, I felt a slight tear/rip feeling, like... READ MORE

Capsular tear with small hematoma @ 16 weeks post op? (Photo)

Woke up in the am & noticed my right breast was slightly higher & slightly odd shaped compare to my left breast. They are soft. I didn't do anything... READ MORE

When am I out of the woods in terms of the risk of incisions tearing/opening?

I am 3 weeks post op and incisions seem to be healing pretty well. Still sore and I try not to do much with my arms just because I am nervous that I... READ MORE

Best option for breast enhancement?

I want to go from an a to d cup but im afraid that it wont look natural .i wanted to see if i could get a fat transfer but heard it doesnt help much .... READ MORE

5 days post op, I have this tearing feeling. Any suggestions?

BA 5 days post op. Under the muscle. I was laying in bed and moved my arm the wrong way and felt a tearing feeling in my breast which was painful for... READ MORE

Using Accutane with capsule tear. Should I wait or have surgery now? (Photo)

I was given 2 options to correct capsule tear but told best to wait 6 months. Just got first prescription of Accutane. Will have to wait 9 months if I... READ MORE

I had cohesive gel implants (gummy bear) put in 13 years ago & found tears last year via ultrasound. Can I breastfeed 2 wk old?

Torn cohesive gel implant and safety of breastfeeding. Looking for a lab that will test breast milk for silicone. READ MORE

Can I have a leak/ tear? Could the weight difference be causing back pain? Would those be covered under a warranty? Thanks! (Pho

Surgery in 12/09 was quite a bit uneven @ least 2 cup sizes. left is saggy, w/ a small implant that seems 2 be getting smaller. The pocket is so deep... READ MORE

Why is the muscle tearing when I'm on my back? Is it wise to cont. with fills? Weight of the saline expanders more than silicon?

I had a double mastectomy in Nov. 2015 . I used to be a DD and I am hoping to get to 780 cc's. After I got filled to 660 cc's I woke up in the worst... READ MORE

Muscle tear - what can be done and what are the risks?

I had 400cc silicon implants placed under the muscle 2 months ago. At 4 weeks I started experianceing burning and swelling in my right breast. I also... READ MORE

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