Tattoo + Breast Augmentation

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Tattoo Under Breast, Will Breast Augmentation Distort It?

I have a poem on my right rib which comes across my torso just under my breast. When standing upright there is approx a 2cm gap from the top of my... READ MORE

How Long After TUBA Breast Augmentation Can I Get a Tattoo?

I'm 3 weeks post-breast augmentation, with a 1-inch incision on the umbilicus that has been healing normally. How long do I have to wait before I can... READ MORE

I Want Implants, but Have a Large Chest Piece Tattoo Will Implants Distort, Stretch or Ruin my Tattoo?

I am 5'3, 110lbs, I have an A cup and desire a D cup. I have a large chest piece tattoo that sits below the collar bone, stretches out to the... READ MORE

Would my Tattoo Be Affected by Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I'm heavily considering a breast augmentation but have a tattoo on my ribs very close to where the incision would be, i'm just wondering how this... READ MORE

Tattoo before or after breast lift and lipo? (Photo)

I want to get a tattoo either before or after my breast lift and lipo on my abdomen and flanks. I am scheduled for April 14. I want a side/rib tattoo.... READ MORE

Breast Implants + Tattoos + Antibiotics?

Hello, I am aware about the suggestion of taking antibiotics before any dental works, but what about when getting a tattoo done? Would it be a good... READ MORE

Will This Tattoo Become Distorted by a Breast Augmentation? (photo)

This is a photo of my currently a B and im geting 500CC ... is my tattoo going to become distorted??> :( please say it will be fine!!! READ MORE

Claws tattoo on chest/breast going from a to c? (photo)

Hi, i have a tatto on my chest/brest and want go from a 34A to a C cup. when you look at my tattoo, do you think c are to big will the tatto look... READ MORE

Will Getting a Breast Augmentation Negatively Affect Laser Tattoo Removal on My Back?

I'm currently undergoing tattoo removal, the process is going to take up to a year, and more than likely longer. Im opting to have my breasts... READ MORE

Should I get my chest tattoo before or after breast augmentation?

I have an under-boob tattoo on my list of things to do. Wondering if I should do it before or after surgery. I'm concerned about it being stretched... READ MORE

Will my tattoo be ruined after Breast Augmentation surgery? (photo)

I just got a chest piece yesterday and my surgery isnt until next month early october. Am getting 400cc silicone teardrop implants. Will my tattoo be ok? READ MORE

Can I get a tattoo before my breast augmentation?

Can I finish my tattoo a week or so before I go in for my BA the tattoo is on my arm I just don't know if itll be something I should worry about? READ MORE

Scar Revision and Nipples Tattoo?

It is pretty evident that I will need a scar revision under my right breast. Each end of my TT scar ends in the middle of a large stretch mark and is... READ MORE

Can you advise if I am bottoming out on the breast closest to my tattoo? I am 9 weeks post op. (photos)

I am really worried about my right breast (closest to tattoo) as it looks bottom heavy, as if it has bottomed out? please can you help. READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to increase the likelihood of scarring without compromising the healing process?

This may sound odd, but I'm really hoping for visible scars on my inframammary incisions. I don't want to make the healing process slower/more... READ MORE

Chest tattoos and Breast Augmentation

How long after i do a chest tattoo is it safe to perform a breast augmentation surgery READ MORE

Mastopexy/ augment- color of my areola is now light. Any suggestions?

It almost blends in with my surrounding skin. If I get aerola tatoo to make it darker will it be streaky or will it look natural READ MORE

Will a BA cause distortion or damage to the tattoo? (Photo)

I am currently investigating a BA to increase from a B/small C to a full D. I have had two children, whom were breast fed and I have lost considerable... READ MORE

I will like to get Breast augmentation and I was told that a doctor may not want to work on me. Need a surgeon opinion. (photo)

When I was about 16 yrs old I started developing a dark Mark on my right breast. "I thought that the areola was just spreading more, But as I got... READ MORE

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