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Can Breast Augmentation or Anesthesia Have Any Affect on my Menstrual Cycle?

I had a breast augmentation exacly one month ago today. I was supposed to start my menstrual cycle 2 weeks ago and I have not started yet. I am not... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation During Menstrual Period

Hi doctors, Could you let me know from a surgeon's perspective, are there any cons from operating on a patient (breast reconstruction / augmentation)... READ MORE

Does Breast Augmentation Affect the Menstrual Cycle?

Does the anesthsia throw off your menstrual cycle? How long is normal? Also will your breast hurt before your menstrual cycle after Breast... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Breasts to Become More Asymmetrical at Certain Points in the Menstrual Cycle?

My breasts have always been quite uneven but when I ovulate and especially when I am about to start my period my breasts become quite a bit more... READ MORE

Why my left breast is bigger than right one? What can I do to correct it ?

I am 19 years old female. I had my first menstrual cycle when i was 9 years old and my left breast is noticeably bigger than right breast. I am... READ MORE

Best Time for Breast Surgery - Before or After Menstrual Cycle?

I heard that we shouldn't have the surgery land on our menstrual cycle time, so I was wondering, if it's better AFTER the cycle, or BEFORE the... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Augmentation a Month Ago and Have a Late Period? Can It Be Because of Anesthesia/pills?

I am 18 years old and am still a virgin. My boyfriend did finger me but he says that there was no cum/precum on his fingers and I believe him. Please... READ MORE

Could I Be Suffering with From a Capsular Contraction?

Hi, I'm now 3 months post op from a BA, I had 325cc overs and have felt a bit sore and tender to the touch across the top of my left breast since... READ MORE

I Am 21 and Still Haven't Grown Breast. I Have Not Even Started Menstruating. All my Younger Sisters Have All Started Grow?

Hello, I am 21 and still haven't grown breast. I have not even started mensurating. All my younger sisters have all started growing breast. Please... READ MORE

Is missed period after breast augmentation normal?

IS MISSED PERIOD AFTER BREAST AUGMENTATION NORMAL? Hi everyone, well i am 5 weeks post op and still no period. did couple of pregnancy test they are... READ MORE

Delayed Menstrual Cycle After BA?

Hi ... I am exactly 2 months post op, Breast Augmentation., and I am 33 years old. I had my operation on the 22.09.2012, actually 2 days before my... READ MORE

Can the onset of my period possibly be causing additional swelling & pain post augmentation?

I had breast augmentation 2 weeks ago, and I'm approaching my menstrual cycle. The swelling and sensitivity were starting to subside. Now they feel... READ MORE

BA and Full Anchor Lift. Is it Okay to Do Surgery While I'm On My Period?

I heard that you should not have surgery if you have your period. Is that true and if so why? READ MORE

3 years post op Breast Augmentation, I have sudden numbness and lump on left breast, what could this be?

I'm 3 years post-op with breast augmentation and never had any numbness though last year a lump developed in my left breast that was screened to be... READ MORE

Will my Breast Grow Back After I Get my Period Back?

I lost my period 2 years ago but I'm scared of drinking any pills so I'm waiting for it to come by nature. So my breast didn't growy I was 14 when I... READ MORE

Menstrual cycle. 10 days post op, is it normal for my breasts to be more sore and harder?

My breasts naturally hurt when I have my period. Now that I have had a breast aug 10 days ago and now my period it's normal for them to be a little... READ MORE

Can some of my pain after my breast augmentation be period related? (Photo)

I am on Day 8 Post op, and just started my period. I have been having the most sensitive, tender pain in my breasts, it hurts to the touch and I can't... READ MORE

Will starting birth control five months post BA have a negative result on my breasts?

I am about five months post BA and I have recently started birth control due to regulating my hormones, I feel my breats are somewhat more full since... READ MORE

I haven't had my period in months, and my breasts haven't really grown much. Any help?

Okay, so I know I'm not pregnant, because I'm only 13. I've had my period for about a year, but 4 months ago, it just stopped. I haven't had one since... READ MORE

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