Does Breast Augmentation Affect the Menstrual Cycle?

Does the anesthsia throw off your menstrual cycle? How long is normal? Also will your breast hurt before your menstrual cycle after Breast Augmenation? Before the surgery when I got my cycle every month my breast didnt hurt but I was wondering now that I did this will they hurt now?

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Menstrual Changes Following Breast Augmentation

It's not unusual for women to note changes in their menstrual cycles following any type of stress. This can occur with both emotional stress and physical stress. It's safe to say that a major surgical procedure can cause both types of stress. For these reasons, we frequently see women who have had changes in their menstrual cycles following breast augmentation surgery. These changes shouldn't impact breast pain during the menstrual cycle.

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Does Breast Augmentation Affect the Menstrual Cycle?


Breast Surgery is one of the most common procedures I do, especially Breast Augmentation. Over more than a 25 yrs I have often operated on women during their menstrual period and  I have not found it to be a problem . 

It is not an uncommon to do breast surgery including augmentation during a menstrual cycle and for it to "Throw off your cycle"  My experience even in women as "regular as a clock" with surgery scheduled between periods often start the day before, day of or within a few days after surgery or contrarily can be late. Menstrual cycles can become irregular at times of stress, from surgery and anesthesia. It should not be a problem. Your breasts should behave after surgery the same as they did regarding discomfort, or not, during your period.

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Breast augmentation and menstrual cycle

Breast augmentation itself should not affect your menstrual cycle. It's possible that your next period may be a little late secondary to undergoing surgery with anesthesia, but this will be temporary. Your breasts should not hurt after the recovery period, even with your period, if they did not before. Good luck, /nsn.

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Menstrual cycle after BA

It is common for women to have their menstrual period thrown off following a surgical procedure. It is usually due to the stress the surgery causes on your body. If you are still concerned, you should consult with your gynecologist.

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Can anesthesia after breast augmentation cause problems in the menstrual cycle?

Hi Aries, this is an interesting question, as I think it is possible that anesthesia may cause disruption int he menstrual cycle for a little while, but it's unlikely that this is cause over the long term.

If you had problems with breast tenderness previous to your breast augmentation, then I susupect that you will have problems after your breast augmentation.

Have you checked with your gynecologist? Sometimes they can address with with hormonal therapies.


Srdjan Ostric, MD
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Breast augmentation and menstrual cycles

Breast implants have nothing to do with the menstrual cycle.  Once your recovery period has ended you should be fine.You will have increases in the size of the breast if that was the case before most likely.

Breast implants and menstrual tenderness

Any physical stress including that induced by surgery and anesthesia can produce alterations in your menstrual cycle. It has been my observation that the implants do not cause pain with menstruation with the exception of weight gain. Some of my patients who have increased their baseline weight have reported additional increases in breast size with menstrual discomfort.

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Breast Implants do NOT affect Menstruation

Breast Implants do NOT affect Menstruation, but menstruation WILL affect Breast Augmentation. The increase in the size of the breasts seen with menstruation, may falsely increase the size of the breasts as they are seen during surgery. Although this will not affect cases in which the same implant and fill is used on both sides, it may lead to miscalculations when different size implants need to be chosen or different implant fill has to be used to try and narrow an existing breast asymmetry.

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Breast augmentation does not affect menstrual cycle.


1) YOur cycle can get thrown off temporarily by any surgery or anesthesia, but breast implants have no effect.

2) When doing breast augmentation in New York City, we schedule the surgery right after your period, because your breasts are not engorged then, and there is less bleeding.

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Breast augmentation and menstrual cycles

Neither breast augmentation not anesthesia should have any longterm effects on your menstrual cycle. Assuming that you do not currently have painful breasts associated with your period, you should not have any breast pain postop with your periods after the initial operative pain has resolved.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
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