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How to Recognize Infection Symptoms After Breast Augmentation?

HI, I got a breast augmentation 1 month ago and my right breast is still red on the top and kinda tender (more than the other one).  I don't have... READ MORE

Infection after breast augmentation surgery

I had breast implants done on October 4th. I had a suture from inside try to come through and the nurse pulled it out and trimmed it. Ever since then,... READ MORE

Why Are Drains Used in Breast Augmentation?

Hi, I would like to know why some surgeons use drains in breast augmentation while others don´t. Can they cause an infection? Is it better to... READ MORE

Post Breast Augmentation Surgery: Itching and Fluid

Hello, I am 17 days post op breast augmentation.My left breast is still a little harder than the right. My PS performed a forful squeeze on my l... READ MORE

Spitting Stitch - Do I Have An Infection?

My Scar Round my Nipple Has a Hole with a Plastic Stitch Coming from It Its Weeping and There is Bits of Blood Coming from It. im 2 and half months... READ MORE

Infection After Breast Augmentation and Lift

Does this look Normal for a second surgery? I had a major infection. Should I have been put on oral antibiotics to prevent infection? I originally had... READ MORE

Can I Be Immersed in Water 2 Weeks After Breast Augmentation?

Can i go into a natural Spring 2 weeks after Breast Augmentation surgery without getting an infection? It wouldn't be salt water, it would be natural... READ MORE

Concerns with 'Stitch Infection' After Breast Augmentation

Hello, My wife had a breast augmentation 17 days ago. At her one week appointment, the PS replaced the steri-strips. Her left breast is still quite... READ MORE

Staph Infection after Breast Augmentation?

I underwent Breast Augmentation a year ago. I was fine until i fell backwards while walking. My left breast swelled up, and it felt hot and painful. I... READ MORE

My Breast Augmentation Incision is Infected. What Should I Do?

Its been 6 months since i had my surgery however the incision from the right breast has become infected, there is two small blisters which seem to... READ MORE

Suction Drains for Breast Augmentation Revision

Hi doctors. What are your thoughts of using drains for breast augmentation revisions? My PS is about to perform a capsulorrhaphy on me along with... READ MORE

Tender Red Spot a Stitch Abscess After Breast Augmentation?

Had breast lift & saline implant replacement 10 days ago. Left breast more tender, has a red spot where one stitch sticks out. No fever, no... READ MORE

Fever of 37.8 C (100.4 F) 6th Day Post-op for Breast Augmentation, Should I Be Concerned?

Silicone implants, subpectoral. Not much visible redness, but right breast still sore and tight. Had stitches removed yesterday. Is it a possible... READ MORE

Sinus Infection Before Breast Augmentation and Liposuction

I had to go to a doctor today and was prescribed amoxicillin and allegra-D for my sinuses. Today is Monday, April 12th and my surgery is scheduled... READ MORE

Can I Have a Breast Augmentation While I Have a UTI?

I had a UTI and went through a course of cipro. Today, (six days after finishing the antibiotics) I began feeling mild symptoms again. I have a breast... READ MORE

Swelling and Pain After Breast Augmentation

I'm 2 1/2 months post breast augmentation. I had a 220cc implant placed in my right breast. A week after surgery, my muscle from my nipple to my back... READ MORE

Can Infection Appear Years After Implantation? Can It Be Inside the Scar Tissue?

9 yrs ago after BA, developed hematoma, it was treated thru surgery & implants remained in, developing cap cont over time in the affected breast... READ MORE

Failure Rate for Breast Reconstruction Vs Breast Augmentation?

Hello doctors, I have read that women with radiation in the past who went for Breast Reconstruction with Breast implants have a very high risk of... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, the stitches came through my skin near my incisions. Is this normal? (photos)

Had lollyopop lift 4 weeks post op 300 cc unders Removed steri strips at 3 weeks Skin had small scabs No redness but stil bruised Should I stil have... READ MORE

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