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Is This Mondor's Cord? (photo)

I think I have developed a Mondor's Cord at 3.5 weeks. It is a hardened line on the underside of my left breast. I am a little confused as my surgery... READ MORE

Why Do I Feel Hardness in my Breast After It Was Pressed on Inner Part? What Should I Do? (photo)

I'm 1 year after BA,7 month after BA during sex my BF pressed inner part of my right breast i felt kind of pain on bottom part of breast. After... READ MORE

My breast look like balloons–will they drop soon? Is this normal? (photo)

It has been a week since my surgery. I received 400cc and 450cc put in under the muscle. I'm worried because I haven't seen them drop even a little.... READ MORE

Swollen, Hard, Right Breast and Redness/swelling at Incision Site Five Weeks Post Op - Seroma or Capsular Contracture?

At four weeks post silicone sub-muscle augmentation my right breast became increasingly swollen and hard. At five weeks, it is warm to the touch and... READ MORE

I Have a Hard Mass on the Lower Right Side of my Breast. What Could It Be? (photo)

I'm 4 weeks post op silicone gel, sub muscular, lift and 350cc. Last week I began to run a low grade fever with chills and muscle aches. The ps didn't... READ MORE

Possible Breast Revision? 6 Months Post Op. (photo)

Help! I'm 23years old, I had my BA done at Bumrungrad hospital in August 2012. I'm 6 mth post op and 3 mths ago my R breast started changing. When... READ MORE

5 days post op, I have hardness after Breast Augmentation. Is this normal?

I am 5 days post op with 450 above the muscle as had tubular breast and alot of muscle above and my surgeon felt this would be best , and do love the... READ MORE

Hard Area on Breast 1 Month Out? (photo)

I had a lift/augmentation - 480 cc under muscle, saline one month ago. developed a hard dark area on right breast about 2 weeks out, it is now not as... READ MORE

How do you diagnose someone in the early stages of capsular contracture? (photo)

I had implants in 03/13, mentor gel 400cc, a revision in 09/13, to mentor gel 300 cc, and my right breast feels slightly harder and more stiff than... READ MORE

Anything I Can Help Do to Help Speed Up a Hematoma?

I have been diagnosed with a hematoma. I am currently 10 days post op. As of day 9 he is taking the wait and see approach but is there anything I can... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture? Woke Up With Swollen, Hard, Warm, Stiff Breasts? (photo)

I had mastopexy and breast augmentation. Can it be capsular contracture? If it is can I have a surgery as soon as possible or do I need to wait for... READ MORE

There is Clear Liquid Coming out of my Nipple 2 Months Po of Capsular Contracture Removal. What Can This Be? (photo)

I am 2 months po capsular contracture removal from my left breast and it is still slightly hard and has not dropped yet. My right breast is 9 month po... READ MORE

On day 4 post op I got a bear hug, now my right breast is tighter and harder than my left. Could the hug have caused damage?

BA was 12 days ago, my right is tighter and harder than my left. On day 4 post op, an old friend surprised me by giving me a bear hug (they were... READ MORE

Had BA Silicone Gel Implants 10 Days Ago, Had a HUGE Bear Hug, Felt a Burst in R Breast, a Lot of Pain, Now my R Breast is Hard?

My surgery went well overall. I like my surgeon and even a few days post op I felt pretty good. My Right breast started to give me more pain as time... READ MORE

My Right Implant Stills Looks Odd and is Hard? (photo)

My right breast has a hard area at the bottom of the curve it was bruised as well, the bruising has gone away, but I can still feel this very hard... READ MORE

Implant feels hard underneath my natural breast tissue?? Normal? (photo)

Today is my 26th day post op. I had 400cc saline mod+ implants placed underneath my muscle with a transaxillary incision. I don't have any pain but... READ MORE

Infection? Breast Aug 1 Year Ago, Hardness, Redness, Pain?

I got a breast augmentation a year ago and a month after surgery I got a fever and experienced a lot of pain and redness on my left breast. The... READ MORE

Are my Breast Encapsulated?

I have cohesive gel implants and I'm scared that my right one (over the muscle) may be encapsulated it feels hard and lumpy and a little painful. As I... READ MORE

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