One Week Post BA, is It Normal for One Breast to Be Harder Than the Other?

I'm 29 years old, I had BA sx 8 days ago. My left breast immediately started feeling softer and less uncomfortable than the right. I started massaging and the right one definitely feels tender and hurts a bit more. Is this normal or should I be concerned with the implant? Thank you.

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Breast Hard After Breast Augmentation #breastimplants

Sure. One can be more tender and firm than the other. What you want to rule out right away is a blood clot or hematoma in the harder breast. Go see your surgeon for an exam to make sure this is not what is happening. It could also be muscle spasm in one pectoralis muscle more than the other and a muscle relaxer such as Valium works really well for that. The side effect of Valium is muscle relaxation and I give it to all of my breast augmentation patients.

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One breast harder

It's too early to be concerned but keep your surgeon or his/her nurse informed about what concerns you.

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Difference in Hardness after Breast Augmentation

It is not abnormal for two breasts to settle or heal at different rates.    It is not uncommon to have one breast with more soreness or feel tighter.  

Things that concern me during the first week is any increase in swelling, change in color of the skin, worsening of pain, fever, weakness, or drainage.    I would recommend close followup with your board certified plastic surgeon.

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Healing in twins

doesn't mean the healing will be identical.  You can expect differences but your concerns should always be addressed by your surgeon as your surgeon will recognize if any problems are developing.  But in general, if your size is not changing and your pain is about the same or better, its unlikely anything of concern is happening.  Best to keep your surgeon in the loop!

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Hardness after breast augmentation

After surgery each breast will respond differently and heal at a different rate. If you have concerns it is always wise to visit with your surgeon. 

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One Week Post BA, is It Normal for One Breast to Be Harder Than the Other?

It is not uncommon for the sides to feel different this early after surgery. The under the muscle implants will soften each at its own pace, as the pectoral muscles accommodate the new implants. Commonly, but not always, the implant on the "handed" side takes long and feels firmer early on.

Discuss with your surgeon. All the best. 

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