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Post Breast Augmentation Surgery: Itching and Fluid

Hello, I am 17 days post op breast augmentation.My left breast is still a little harder than the right. My PS performed a forful squeeze on my l... READ MORE

My Left Breast is Larger Than my Right Could It Still Just Be Swelling or Maybe Fluid? (photo)

Only 8 days postop but noticing my right breast has gone down a lot while my left has stayed the same. I am wondering if I may have fluid that needs... READ MORE

7 weeks post op, Is This Capsular Contracture? (photos)

I've had a surgery over 7 weeks ago,2nd one,got 400HP in left breast,and 375HP in right one,due to small assymetry.My left breast healed well.Right... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture, Leaking Fluid 11 Months After Breast Augmentation - Normal? Cost?

From my review: I recently noticed yellow fluid would come out of my right nipple. I later found out that I have Capsular contraction on my right... READ MORE

Bulging Around Tummy After Breast Augmentation

Day 5 after my breast augmentation operation and I still have a bulging tummy full of fluid READ MORE

Fluid Around Implants 11 Weeks After Breast Augmentation?

I had BA over the muscle last yr. after 5 weeks I developed a seroma and fluid drained from my incisions both sides which didnt stop and 6weeks later... READ MORE

Does my breast implant have to be replaced? Incision has left a small hole after stitches broke (Photo)

Big mistake. I'm starting to get really depressed over this. BA saline Left was defective, replaced. Incision larger due to scar tissue. Stitches... READ MORE

Clear Fluid Leaking out 5 Days Post-op?

I am 8 days post-op, crease incision, subglandular. Drain was removed 4th day post-op and on the 5th day, fluid started leaking out on my right... READ MORE

I Have Had Breast Implants for 15 Years; Experiencing a "Sloshing" When I RuN?

I am extremely active....a personal trainer and all natural bodybuilder. I have, for the last several years experienced, "sloshing" when I run. It is... READ MORE

What Could "Fluid Filled Lump" in Each Breast Near Incision Under the Breast of Saline Implants Be? (photo)

Had augmentation in 2001, my husband found a small kind of pocket or odd "lump" in each breast. Had mammogram and sonogram and the Dr. told me they... READ MORE

Have I Got an Infection from Breast Implants? Draining Clear Fluid.

I had silicone textured breast implants on 23/9/11 the first night I had extreme pain in left side when stitches came out left side was open and clear... READ MORE

10 days post op, Are my implants normal? (photos)

Hi, I had a BA 10 days ago. I'm really happy with the right one that's dropped nicely and is a Nice round shape but the left one appears square?! It... READ MORE

Why Does my Implant Feel Stuck?

My right breast developed fluid after 1 month, since then my breast is displaced; firm & sensitive to touch. My PS drained the fluid. The day... READ MORE

I Have an a Yellowish Fluid Coming out of my Nipple and It Smells, the Doctor Says Its Ok?

I went to my doctor because of a fluid and odor from my breast. My nipples are also turning black. He said it was normal. I then went to my gyn doctor... READ MORE

Fluid in One Breast 6 Months After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had ba operation 6 months ago. A week ago I had back massage and yoga and that night felt pain and swelling in right breast. Next 2 day only... READ MORE

How long does it take excess fluid to go away after Breast Augmentation? (photos)

BA SR HP saline 360cc right 335 in left. 2 weeks left had to be replaced after it had slow leak noticed it smaller 2 days post op and 2 weeks later I... READ MORE

Can You Get Fluid Around Your Back Pressing on the Spine from Ruptured Saline Implant?

I have an implant that i think has ruptured does it cause fluid around my back pressing on my spine READ MORE

Fluid leaking 2 weeks after BA. How can I stop it so I don't need surgery again? (Photo)

2 weeks PO BA 475 cc & 575 cc saline under the muscle. All of a sudden I had fluid gushing out the incision. Doc wants to wait 2 days to let it drain... READ MORE

I have a small hole and weeping from my incisions. Is this normal? What should I be doing to help it? (photos)

I have had a BL, BA and full TT 11 days ago. I have a small hole in one of my incisions from after stitched were take out in day 9. My surgeon has... READ MORE

12 Days After TUBA and Noticed a Swelling/Pocket Filled With Fluid? (photo)

I had TUBA 12 days ago, this morning I noticed a swelling/pocket filled w. fluid under my Rt. breast where tunnel was made to push implants in. When I... READ MORE

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