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Cysts in Both Breasts. Can I Still Have a Breast Augmentation?

I have several cysts 1 a little bigger than an almond in my breasts. Would implants harm these cysts? READ MORE

Breast Augmentation During Cyst Removal?

Trying to find out if the doctor can do implants at the same time they remove cysts, so I only have to have one surgery and don't end up with big... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation After Having Cysts and Scar Tissue Removed?

I just had Breast surgery and had some cysts removed and it caused an indention and (SOFT) spot. I want that fixed and I would like to go from my A/B... READ MORE

I Have a Cyst in my Right Breast-can I Still Have a BA? Is Sub-Glandular a Better Option for Me? (photo)

I recently developed a cyst in my right breast. It just got a little redder in the last couple weeks after my period. In reading some PS responses in... READ MORE

Possible Cyst Near Breast Aug Incision, Should I Be Worried?

I'm 5 months post surgery. Recently found a small pebble like lump very close to the incision under the breast,along with a litte abnormal... READ MORE

Cysts after breast augmentation surgery?

I had my BA surgery 3 weeks ago. During my massage routine I descoverd something like cysts in the upper part of the breast, that I did not have... READ MORE

Has my implant slipped out from under the muscle as too big!? Or has it capsulated? (Photo)

Am 12 weeks post op, my left breast never seemed to 'drop' and look natural like my right one, about 2 weeks after surgery i noticed it felt... READ MORE

After breast augmentation w/Lipofilling surgery, multiple cysts formed from 5 to 12 mm. Do I have a chance to fix it? (photos)

Hello! 2 years ago I had a breast augmentation Lipofilling . In mammary glands was introduced 200 ml of fat. After surgery, multiple cysts formed from... READ MORE

Can I Get a Revision Post Staph Infection?

I had a BA 4 months ago and at 3 months I got an infection in my incision (axilla). It was a cyst that got infected and a swab revealed it was staph.... READ MORE

Am I still a candidate for Breast Augmentation with multiple cysts?

I have MANY simple fluid filled cysts in both breasts. I am a small B cup and without the cysts I would probably be an A cup as they make up a... READ MORE

Tuberous Breasts and Cysts: Are there any specific issues/concerns correcting breasts with cysts?

I have tuberous breasts and am considering correction. I have come across a lot of information on the correction itself, but nothing in regards to... READ MORE

Will the doctor just take the cyst out and put implant in?

I went to the doctor in 09 I believe for a knot in my breast. They took an ultrasound and said it was benign that it was nothing more than a cyst. I... READ MORE

I'm having a BA in a week. I feel mild pain in my left breast where my cysts are. Is that an issue?

I have been told that I have two small cysts in my left breasts. I have PCOS. Because of this hormone imbalance, my breasts gets very tender and... READ MORE

I got saline implants on jan 30 my right breast is 510cc and left breast is 485cc. Do I need more time to heal? (photos)

I was told that after the cysts were aspirated my breasts would look the same. Am I over reacting? Do I need more time to heal? READ MORE

I had a benelli lift w/silicone implants feb14. I started to get cyst with puss. Strings were removed. Should I worry? (Photo)

He finally removed the strings and said it would get better but I still have puss with an odor coming out and small cyst all over that area. Both... READ MORE

Brava System and benign cyst

Dear Doctors, I'm 33 years old. I have one cyst fluid in my breast (6 millimetres). My doctors say it look benign and I shouldn't worry about it. I... READ MORE

What to expect during recovery of BA?

Hi, thanks you for your time! I am 25 y/o, has a c-section at 19 and breastfeed for 11 months, I am one of those people who eats and nevre gainsweight... READ MORE

I have a cyst in my right breast can I still get a Breast Augmentation?

I have a cyst in my right breast that tends to pop up when my periods due. I have been to the docs and have been told theirs nothing to worry about. I... READ MORE

Concerned about future bartholun cysts. Any suggestions?

I am planning to have breast implanted in about 2 months. I currently do not have a bartholin cyst. However I had one flare up about a month ago which... READ MORE

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