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I Believe I Have a Double Bubble 3 Weeks Post-Op Breast Implants, How Can I Tell for Sure? (photo)

My breasts are only 3 weeks old but one of my breasts seriously doesn't look right and my surgeon is dismissing my concerns as theyre so new. I... READ MORE

Do I Have Capsular Contracture 5 Months Post-Op Breast Implants? (photo)

Hello Drs-I am 5 months post-op and my left breast is firmer and not as pliable as my right.Also,the crease has risen up since surgery.In... READ MORE

Post-op 500cc Silicone Gel Implants - What Sort of Bra Should I Be Wearing?

Im 5'10 145 pounds, and was a 34 B and recieved 500cc high profile silicone gel implants, with a crease inscision. Ive heard too many answers on... READ MORE

What Procedures Would I Have to Do in Order to Have my Breasts Look Like my Wish Pictures? (photo)

I had an areola reduction but it did not correct the "puffiness" of my areolas because it is actually my breast pushing forward into my areolas. My... READ MORE

Swelling and Pain Underneath Crease Incision After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

500cc sili breast implants 7 wks ago. After 2 wks noticed swelling underneath right crease incision and was leaking. Dr said fluid built up underneath... READ MORE

Lowering Breast Crease After Augmentation?

What complications can occur for lowering a breast crease and a periareolar mastopexy on one breast so that it is symmetrical with the other breast..... READ MORE

How Often Do PS's Lower the Natural Crease of a Woman's Breast?

My board certified surgeon said, because I have high breast mounds she needs to do this. I do have 6-7cm from my nipple to my crease. I nursed my... READ MORE

Where Do You Normally Put a Breast Augmentation Incision for Darker Skinned Patients?

I'm torn between what incision I want! I'm scared of scarring bad. I'm a tanned filipina, more brown than yellow and I did have my heart... READ MORE

3 Months Post Opp from Silicon Breast Augmentation. Left One Hasn't Fully Dropped, Crease Is There Still? (photo)

Hi Everyone....thank you for taking the time to read my post. I had under the muscle silicon implants early February....and my husband and I are... READ MORE

Breast Numbness 6 Months After Augmentation

I had a breast augmentation (saline under muscle, crease incision) 6 1/2 months ago. I have complete numbness in about 70% of my breasts and the... READ MORE

Different Breast Crease After Augmentation, and Dimple Like on Incision Site? (photo)

Hi doctors, i need you expert opinion , i had breast augmentation 10 days ago with silicone mentor gel 275cc both with incision in the breast crease,... READ MORE

While Taking out my Sutures (I Had BA Crease Inscison) a Bit Retracted Inside and Remains in Me. This Ok?

Hi i got my sutures out at 3 weeks following my surgeons advice, i had a BA with 375cc implants, and crease inscion, i went to my GP to get my sutures... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Open Incision Three Weeks?

I had a breast augmentation done three weeks ago and I slipped 10 days postop and slightly opened my incision which is located in the crease. I... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post Op Noticed Inframammary Fold on Left Breast Lower Than Right Breast, Will This Correct Itself?

BA, 300 cc Saline smooth implants under muscle with lift. Healing nicely, no complications so far although the R breast seems much tighter than the L.... READ MORE

Keller funnel pros and cons?

Pros and cons of Keller funnel? If they are so great why don't all surgeons use them? Do they really make a huge difference in the size of your scars... READ MORE

Right Breast Deformed Post Op, Why Did It Happen and How Can This Be Corrected?

I had a breast augmentation one year ago (round silicone mod+ 275 partial unders) I had a benelli breast lift 7 weeks ago. My right will not drop and... READ MORE

1 Year Post-Op Breast Augmentation and Breasts are Bottom Heavy, Normal? (photo)

I am now one year post operation and my breast are bottom heavy. I have been having problems with my nipples popping out of my bras, my scars show,... READ MORE

Why Are my Creases Different?

I had breast augmentation 1 month ago. And been very unhappy with the out come thus far of my right breast. In my pics I noticed my creases are not... READ MORE

How is ptosis or pseudoptosis diagnosed? (photos)

I have been told I have severe grade 3 ptosis. My nipple is at the level of my crease. What are the guidelines for determining the type or severity of... READ MORE

Do You Think the Swelling in Cleavage Area Under Left Breast Will Go Down? (photo)

I am currently 3 weeks post op. I received 450cc silicone under the muscle in both breasts. My left had to have a bolster put in to prevent bottoming... READ MORE

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