A To B Cup + Breast Augmentation

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180CC Too Small For A To B Cup Increase?

I am 5'4" and 115 lbs. Currently 32 A. I would like to achive full B. 180 cc will be filled to 200cc and it will go under my muscle. I am not... READ MORE

Why Are my Nipples Uneven After Breast Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation 5 months ago (average A to large B). It seems that my left breast sits lower than my right, which still sits rather high.... READ MORE

6 days post op. UNHAPPY with small implants. (photos)

I am devastated with my postop results. They're far smaller than I imagined.What are my options? STATS:25yo.5'2 and 46kgs (~101lbs) very fit/active.... READ MORE

I Ended Up with the Wrong Size and Implant.

On April 7th I got my breast implant surgery. I let my doctor picked the size of my implants but we agreed in using a HIGH PROFILE. Instead he used a... READ MORE

Petite Asian Tiny Frame - 10.2 Breast Width Diameter - How Big is Too Big (photo)?

Hi, I am 4'11" tall and 90lbs. I have gone for two consults and have finally settled on a doctor. Given my tiny frame and my desire to want very... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Go from 34a to 34b with 425cc Saline Under Muscle or Was I Sized Wrong?

I had my surgery 2 weeks ago i know it too early to get sized but i just wanted to see what i was measuring at and im only a 34b i started as a 34a is... READ MORE

5'9" and Lean & Atheletic. Desiring B cup. 255 cc or 285 cc? (photos)

I am 5'9", 130 lb, wear 34A but do not fill, BWD 12 cm, band width 33.5". BA is scheduled for 5/20. Desire small implant for active lifestyle &... READ MORE

Small Frame Not Even a 34A Wants to Be a 34B?

Hi, I am 36 yrs old and don't even fill a 34A bra. I measure 5'3" and weigh 115 lbs. I went to a plastic surgeon for a recommendation and... READ MORE

Still have pain two weeks after Breast Augmentation under muscle, is that normal ? Should I continue wearing the medical bra?

Two weeks ago I made breast augmentation and I still have pain sometimes moderate and sometimes more is that normal ?? Surgery under muscle ...silicon... READ MORE

Can Saline Implants Look More Natural if You Only Augment Breasts by One Cup Size?

I am 21 and considering breast implants. I am 5'3", 115 pounds, and have small breasts. If I'm lucky I can find a 32 or 34A sized bra... READ MORE

Getting Breast Augmentation in 1 Month, Will 275-300cc Take me From A to B Cup?

5'4" 116 Lbs. My surgeon is talking about placing a 275-300cc Silicone breast implant. Do you think that’s correct? READ MORE

Terrified of choosing a breast implant that is too large! Will 300cc, 325cc or 350cc's bring me to my goal cup size? (photo)

I am a 32A or AA (not sure). I am 5'7", 117 lbs and have a very small ribcage (27"). My goal size is a large B to very small C. I just don't want to... READ MORE

Can I get an areola incision with under muscle placement? (Photo)

I have 32A breasts & want to be bigger but dont know what exactly would be best for me I have big areolas & would love to have them reduced during the... READ MORE

How Much Exactly is Enough? BA Above Muscle

Greetings :)I'm a 5'8" tall, 143 Lbs former pro swimmer practicing boxing , mixed Martial Arts and Bushido.My actual size is more or less... READ MORE

5'1", 95lb, A Cup - 230cc or 280cc to Achieve a Full B?

I am 5'1 and weight 95 lbs. I am an A cup and would like to be a full B. Should I get 230cc or 280cc implants to achieve this? READ MORE

I'm interested to know, what is the smallest breast augmentation you've done?

I am currently an A (former B but have had tissue lost from nursing) and would like to go back to a large A or very small B. I do not want large... READ MORE

I Am Very Athletic 5'6 Size A and Want to Be B++ Silicone Please Advise How Many Cc?

I know people say ask your doctor, but I would like suggestions If I saw the outcome in person I would know right away pictures are hard and often... READ MORE

Is a Fat Transfer Worth It For A BA to Go from A-B Cup?

I am 130 lbs (5' 3") and hope to be 120 by the time of my proceedure. I lost over 60 pounds recently and my breasts are significantly smaller... READ MORE

Natural Augmentation with High Profile Implants?

I really want to have a natural looking breast augmentation. I am 5'4", athletic, 117 pounds. My BWD is 13 cm. I'm currently a 32A and desire the look... READ MORE

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