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How can I reduce upper back pain post breast augmentation?

I had surgery 4/11/13. I came back to work this week only to find severe back pain. I took the remainder of this week off but I have to go back to... READ MORE

Why Did a Pinhole with Discharge Appear Along Areola Incision Scar?

Help! I had breast reaugment May/2011. All went fine. Few mnths ago noticed R arm/shlder getting weak. Then noticed pin-sized hole appeared on R... READ MORE

Why is One Breast Lower Than the Other? (photo)

It's been 8 months since my BA and my right breast keeps getting sagging. The left breast is firmer and higher. I don't believe at this point my left... READ MORE

Why is One Boob Bigger Than the Other?

Had a breast augementation 8 months ago and my left breast is bigger than the other also my nipples are not in the centre like they should be. its... READ MORE

My breasts have a gap between them when not wearing bra. Nipples are too high and constantly hard. Need bigger implants? (Photo)

8 months post op, nipples hard. They look awesome when wearing bra, but still dont even touch together with pushup bra. When not wearing bra, they are... READ MORE

Uneven Breast After Lift and Augmentation Causing Difficulties Wearing Bra, What Should I Do? (photo)

I had a breast lift with augmentation 8 months ago but my breast looks more uneven. The left side has a 200cc saline implant and on the right a 180 cc... READ MORE

Breast Feel Uncomfortable when Laying Down?

Hi I am about 8 months post op. I have 350cc silicone in both breasts under the muscle. Lately it has been very noticeably uncomfortable when laying... READ MORE

My Breast Don't Look Round? (photo)

Im 26 years old and had Full lift with augmentation done 8 months ago.I got saline implants under the muscle, right 325cc, left 390 cc. My breast look... READ MORE

I Had Silicone Breast Augmentation 8 Months Ago and I Feel Like There's Lumps Deep Inside in the Areola Part on the Left Breast?

Since the surgery i always felt the left side never felt normal like the other side. If i jogged it felt weird and aerola was always sensitve on the... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Deal with Capsular Contracture?

I had silicone implants under the muscle to correct tubular breasts 8 months ago. I now have capsular contracture baker grade 3 on the left for the... READ MORE

Red Patch on Breast 8 Months PO, This is Normal? (photo)

I had Breast Augmentation (Saline) 8 months ago but 3 months ago I noticed a red dot above my left nipple that I thought was a pimple and I squeezed.... READ MORE

8 Months Post Rhinoplasty, Is This Swelling or a Polly Beak?

Fortunately, one side of nose looks perfect! The other side, however, (the one that needed the most work) is still looking pretty swollen even after 8... READ MORE

Sharp pain in my left breast near bottom of cleavage area during certain movements. Whats happening? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation revision in April of 2013. I switched from 390cc saline to 650 cc high profile silicone. I had to have a Capsulloraphy... READ MORE

Lanolin for Stretch Marks? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation almost 8 months ago. I went from 34A to 34DD and didn't have enough breast tissue to begin with. I know that stretch marks... READ MORE

What is This Pain Under my Right Breast when I Extend my Arm over my Head to Stretch Lasts a Week?

Had a breast augmentation June 2012 inflammatory crease, partial muscular placement (silicone). 5 weeks post op large pop noise heard when partner... READ MORE

Breast Tissue Sagging Again Over Implants? (photo)

8 months ago I got a breast lift & 400ml, round, silicon implants. My natural breast tissue has began resagging over my implant. My doctor didnt... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Painful, Firm & Tender Breast 8 Month Post-operative After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

I'm 22 years old. I had severe breast asymmetry since I was 13 probably due to Poland's Syndrome. 8 months ago I had a correction surgery. I... READ MORE

I am getting hives on my incision line months after surgery. Should I see the dr and which do I see?

I had Breast augmentation in January and I went for my 3 month follow up in March and everything was well. For the past couple months (2-3) I have... READ MORE

8 Months Post Ba? (photo)

I posted at the 3month mark. My right side is still slightly rounder but guess thats to be expected as I had 345cc on right and 300 on left breast.... READ MORE

Vertical Scar Widening As Well As Adverse Reaction to Kenalog Injections? (photo)

8 months post op. BA and full lift. The vertical scar is completely healed and superficially widening. My doctor said that this was because the tissue... READ MORE

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