3 Months Post-op + Breast Augmentation

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Is It Normal to Have Breast Pain 3 Months After Surgery? I Feel Burning and Needles

I had surgery 3 months ago and i have pain on my breast more like a burning or like a needle pocking me is the normal? READ MORE

3 Months Post Breast Augmentation: Experiencing Pain

It's been a week now that i feel localized pain on my left breast(the pain is like a bruise). i feel the pain on the sides of my left nipple... READ MORE

Breast Pain when Lying Down

I'm 3 months post-op and my breasts look and feel fine, but the outer side of my right breast hurts when lying down. It is uncomfortable and painful... READ MORE

When Will Right Implant Settle After Breast Augmentation and Lift?

I am 3 1/2 months post op from a breast lift and augmentation. My left breast is fabulous but my right one is still very high. I've been massaging but... READ MORE

Dent in Right Breast Implant 3 Months Post-Op BA, Anything I Can Do to Get Rid of It? (photo)

I am 33 and will be 3 months post-op tomorrow. I got a mastopexy with 250cc silicone gel implants submuscular. I noticed about 6 weeks after a dent... READ MORE

3 Months After Saline Augmentation, Is This My Final Result? (photo)

Hello, I just recently had my breasts augmented about three months ago with saline implants 445 CC's in each. Im 5'2, and I weigh 116. Pre-op... READ MORE

How Many Cc's Do I Need to Be a C-cup? (photo)

I am 12 weeks post-op and got fitted last evening for a bra and found out that my cup size has not change. Prior to surgery I was a 36B, six week... READ MORE

How to reduce gap after breast augmentation? (photo)

I am 3 months post op (silicone/high profile/under/475cc A to D). My gap is 2.5 fingers and I have more side boob than cleavage.. even when I wear a... READ MORE

What Happened, Snoopy Breast? (photo)

11,5 weeks ago I had high-profile, silicone implants (350cc) placed dual-plane together with BREAST LIFT, mastopexy.. For 6 weeks I continuously wore... READ MORE

Left Breast is Shrinking 3 Months Post-Op Breast Augmentation

Hi there, I had my augmentation on January 18th of this year. I had saline under the muscle surgery. My left breast was slightly lower and slightly... READ MORE

I Am Still Experiencing Quite a Bit of Pain Since my Breast Augmentation 3 Months Ago, is This Normal?

I had my surgery on October 18th 2012 and I am still experiencing tenderness on my breasts. Particularly in the nipples. My scars are also still bumpy... READ MORE

Dent and Bruising/development of Stretch Marks in Augmented Breast? (photo)

I got my breasts done at the end of May. I healed fairly well with very little bruising. I got high profile round saline implants. Recently in the... READ MORE

Breast Pocket Overdissection?

I had a transaxillary, subfascial, 400cc silicone breast augmentation in April. The left one was lower and larger immediately after surgery. My PS had... READ MORE

10 weeks post op, fear I may have snoopy deformity or early Capsular Contracture, Maybe implant needs to drop? (Photo)

I got 500cc high profile silicone under muscle, I did not have any sagging whatsoever so Im scared I may have snoopy deformity on my left breast since... READ MORE

3 Months Post Breast Augmentation, Scar Leaking? (photo)

Had breast implants put in about 3 months ago. My left breast scar puffed up and I had the doc take a look. He made a small incision and drained some... READ MORE

3 Months Post Opp from Silicon Breast Augmentation. Left One Hasn't Fully Dropped, Crease Is There Still? (photo)

Hi Everyone....thank you for taking the time to read my post. I had under the muscle silicon implants early February....and my husband and I are... READ MORE

Left Side Not Dropping Anymore

I'm 11 wks + 1 day post op (benelli w/implants) & my left implant seems to be stuck & not wanting to move down. It moves freely from side... READ MORE

Double Bubble Correction 3 Months Post Op too Soon? (Photo)

I had a breast augumentation (Natrelle 360CC moderate teardrop implants)3 months ago. Surgeon lowered the breast fold,implants are under muscle... READ MORE

Had a BA and Lollipop Lift, 1 Breast is Flat at the Bottom, Can This Be Fixed? (photo)

Had a BA and lollipop lift 14 weeks ago. I got 600cc implants put in, the right breast has rounded out but it's a little flat at the bottom. The left... READ MORE

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