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My Breasts Make a Gurgle Sound when I Lift Them Post BA Procedure (24 Hrs Ago). Is This Normal?

My Breasts Make a Gurgle Sound when I Lift Them Post BA Procedure (24 Hrs Ago). Is This Normal? READ MORE

Itching 1 Day Post Op?

I am one day post op. My breasts are tight and sore which I know is normal. But they are itchy as well. Itchy around the bottom crease and near my... READ MORE

1 day post op and I accidentally got my bandages really wet. Did I damage due to water going through?

I had a full bag of ice on my breasts one day post opp. I was told not to get them wet and the bag leaked in full and I didn't notice. I have blow... READ MORE

1 Day PO- Does A Black Nipple Mean Necrosis Following Mastopexy/Augmentation?

I just had a breast mastopexy and augmentation yesterday. Today I notice that the left nipple turned black but the areola is still pinkish. My doctor... READ MORE

Breasts Too Full Up Top Post Breast Augumentation, is This Normal? Allegran 325 CC Round/Textured. (photo)

I am 1 day post op I know its very early but just wanted advice. My breasts are quite high and full up the top and the bottom is quite empty which is... READ MORE

Vomiting after breast augmentation surgery - is it normal?

Hi I had breast augmentation surgery on Friday ( yesterday) and I threw up a few times and today I began to throw up after eating a soup that I used... READ MORE

Will my 2 Inch Cleavage Improve? (photo)

Im 1 day post op. doing well for now. I had 425 cc HP silicone unders preaerola. My only concern is before the surgery my dr told me i will have only... READ MORE

Feels Like Air Bubbles After BA. Is this Normal?

I feel what seems like air bubbles under my breast on top of my ribs. I am one day post op, is this normal? Also, if I press on my ribs under my... READ MORE

Difficulty Urinating After BA This Afternoon?

I just had my BA this AM and this afternoon I noticed I was having difficulty urinating. My bladder is full and I feel the sensation, but its almost... READ MORE

I'm 5'5 100lbsis 300cc Too Big? I'm a 32 AA. (photo)

My doctor recommended between 300-350ccs. Im technically a 30 around. He also recommended silicone but for personal reasons I wanted saline. Im... READ MORE

Is the Width Between my Breast Too Wide? (photo)

Surgery was done 24 hours ago, but i feel like my breast are too far apart. it looks too wide on my body where it could be seen from the back side.... READ MORE

How soon do I start using bio oil after surgery?

Had surgery yesterday and everything going fine but not sure if I should be using bio oil this early or should i wait until my structure knots removed... READ MORE

I had my BA yesterday. My boobs today are hard as rocks. Rock solid. Is this normal?

I was a 32a and I put 300 ccs under the muscle. Saline implants and used the aeriola inscision. I am exactly 1 day post op and they are rock solid.... READ MORE

Crooked Breast After Breast Augmentation, Will It Be Normal Once Swelling Goes Down? (photo)

I understand they change a lot over the next 6 months. This is only 1 day post op and my left breast is swollen double what the right is. I'm just... READ MORE

I look Aleve before my Breast Augmentation surgery. Will this cause any problems?

I accidently took one Aleve and my BA is in approx. 48 hours. I know I should notify my PS and will do so in the morning, but I am freaking out now!... READ MORE

I Read in Dr. Tebbetts Book "The Best Breast", That Recovery is Possible in 24hrs?

I Read in Dr. Tebbetts Book "The Best Breast", That Recovery is Possible in 24hrs? READ MORE

Why my Breast Doesn't Look That Big After 420cc & 410cc?

I finally had my surgery, yesterday sept 13. I got 410 in the right breast & 420cc in the left one. But I don't find them as big as when I tried... READ MORE

1 Day PO, I Got 335cc High Profile Under the Muscle. They Are Huge and So Very High, Will They Go Down?

I am hoping that they will go down in size? I am so scared they are going to be this massive and high!! Hopefully they are very swollen. I got... READ MORE

1 Day Post Op, Low Fever and Blurry Eyes?

Hello Doctors! I had my BA yesterday and I am now running a low fever of 99.5 even after taking 800 mg ibuprofen is this common? My PS told me I.need... READ MORE

When Can I Remove The Bra?

I just had surgery today. I was shown photos before, so I know my breasts will look odd but I still want to look. When can I remove the bra and see... READ MORE

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