Stretch Marks + Brazilian Butt Lift

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What Will my Tummy Stretch Marks Look Like After a Brazilian Buttlift?

I have had two children and would like to get a brazilian buttlift done. i want that fat taken out of my tummy but i have stretch marks on my tummy.... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Minimize Loose Skin After Fat Transfer/ Brazillian Butt Lift?

I am planning to do a BBL within the next year or less. I am wondering if there is anything I can do now to reduce loose skin on my abdomen after the... READ MORE

Is there an ideal BMI for Brazilian Butt Lift?

I think I've read less than 30? Does this vary depending on how your weight is distributed? For instance, My BMI is almost 31 right now (5'6", 190),... READ MORE

Will I Get Stretch Marks on my Butt After a BBL?

BBL procedure requires putting fat in the butt. Isn't all the fat as well as the swelling going to stretch out the skin and cause stretch marks? READ MORE

I Am Scheduled for Brazilian Butt Lift Feb 21st! So Un decided Whether or Not to Do Mini-tummy Tuck? (photo)

I gave birth to a beautiful little girl on 11-11-11, wouldnt change it for the world, but unfortunately I was left behind with some stretch marks on... READ MORE

Can I Have Successful Liposuction with a Little Stretch Marks? (photo)

Hi, I plan to get a fat transfer from my upper and lower abdomen, waist/flanks, lower back/bra rolls to my butt.... Please review my pictures. Do you... READ MORE

Will I have hanging loose skin after Brazilian Butt Lift & Liposuction? Or will it just hang when I'm sitting? (photos)

I have lots of stretch marks above my belly button,my question is will i have HANGING LOOSE SKIN IF I GET JUST A BBL AND LIPO? or will it just hang... READ MORE

I Just Read That Bbl Would Not Be Too Sucessful if You Have Stretch Marks?

Is this true? Because I have them on my stomach. When pull skin back they're less visible! I need to know before I invest my money! READ MORE

Can You Apply Any Anti-Stretchmark Creams On Your Buttocks During the Recovery of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I was wondering if one could apply any topical anti-stretchmark cream to the bottock after a BBL? I noticed that the majority of the cases develop... READ MORE

Will a BBL Help the Appearance of Existing Stretch Marks? (Photo)

I want a BBL, will it help improve the appearance of existing stretch marks? Also, Im 5ft 2in and 121lbs....will I need to gain weight? I don't have... READ MORE

Can I do the Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

Hi. I am 31yrs old. I am 5"2 and I weigh 114 lb. I have one child. My pregnancy before left me with an ugly stretch marks and a loose belly.I am not... READ MORE

Will a Brazilian Butt Lift help with stretch marks in that area?

If you have stretch marks on your butt will getting a BBL get rid of them or decrease the appearance since it's add fat and it will stretch out the... READ MORE

Is there anything prior to my surgery I can do to help prevent stretch marks on the butt area when having a Brazilian bitt lift?

I am going to be have a few procedures done to my body one of them being a Brazilian butt lift in March. I have noticed that some patients to have a... READ MORE

I'm losing weight and have some stretch marks left over? (photo)

Im wondering will that be a problem with getting a Brazilian butt lift? I was also wondering if I stop at 190 pounds will that be enough to look like... READ MORE

Will my stomach look super saggy or distorted If I choose to only do lipo for the BBL? (Photo)

I don't want to do a tummy tuck because I plan to have more kids and do not want a big scar across my stomach. is there anything I can do to help me... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for mommy makeover with bbl? I'm 5'7" 147 pounds (Photo)

23 years old two kids two c sections tubes tied and had endometrial ablation. I want everything gone. Wanna wear bathing suits and feel sexy again.... READ MORE

My concern areas are my stomach stretch marks & belly piercing rejection. I want my buttock bigger. Any suggestion? (photo)

What do you recommend? How much would the total cost be to fix this? Is it possible to get a hourglass shape? READ MORE

How can I prepare for a Brazilian butt lift I hope to have within the next 2-3 months to get the best results/quick recovery?

Should I be using a certain cream to prevent stretch marks? Or taking any supplements in order to make sure I pass any pre-op tests? I will probably... READ MORE

I have developed really bad stretch marks after my Brazilian Butt Lift. Any suggestions?

I have developed really bad stretch marks after my BBL on the top on my bottom. I'm not prone to stretch marks and had about 600 cc injected. I have... READ MORE

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